2023: Peter Obi wants victory on the altar of blood, religious war

By Oladimeji Bolarinwa

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP Mr Peter Obi should be admonished to stop his desperate push to rule Nigeria at all cost, including on the altar of blood, anguish and human misery.

No other thing demonstrated Obi’s aggression more than his classification of the February 25 election as a “religious war.”

Obi sought to rule a plural society with multiplicity of ethnic nations, different faith and creed, yet he saw the election from the myopic prism of religious profiling.

The President of Nigeria is not expected to be partisan in his handling of state matters in favour of any religion.

Obi in his own case, appears to seek a pentecostal administration that views Nigeria’s secular heritage with contempt.

There is no doubt that Obi’s victory, God forbid, would have been a revenge mission to further polarise Nigeria and pave the way to Lebanon.

Long before his “Yes Daddy” call to Bishop Oyedepo, Obi has portrayed himself as a tribal warlord, a man of vengeance, divisive and defiant in his pursuit of Igbo nationalism hidden under sweet quoted pretences.

It was not a surprise to many of us when the Yes daddy audio clip surfaced on the internet many weeks ago between Peter Obi and a renowned Yoruba Christian clergy.

The message in that audio leak is simple: Peter Obi was asking a renowned Yoruba Christian clergy to help him use religion to galvanize Yorubaland with Christians as his focal point.

This is patently dangerous and shows clearly Obi’s ruinous mission as a possible candidate for Aso Rock.

Yorùbáland is a unique space on the surface of the earth where two leading Abrahamic faiths namely Islam and Christianity live side by side with traditional religion amongst the Yoruba people, a Liberal tradition that is honoured by time and space. This is the culture that Obi sought to destroy.

Since the 1914 amalgamation that led to the creation of Nigeria, the Yoruba people have always united behind their common ethnic identity to forge a common path as regards to their pursuit of happiness, prosperity, politics, war and self-preservation of our civilization. I can boldly say that there is nowhere on the surface of the earth where over 50 million people with almost the same population are roughly divided along Muslim-Christian lines, yet they live in peace in harmony. The Yorùbá’s are therefore a poster example of what religious tolerance should be in Nigeria. Since the emergence of Peter Obi as a labor party presidential candidate, the Yoruba people from our leaders, culture and identity have come under intense attacks and ridicule.

Social media influencers like Hundeyin and his minions have insulted the Yoruba culture, identity and even called an Aare Oona Kakanfo MKO Abiola a drug baron without any proof. All the things that the Yoruba hold dear has been subjected to total ridicule by the political supporters of Peter Obi who are majorly from his ethnic stock. I am not part of those that will be manipulated to swallow that lie that peter Obi’s presidency bid is a national project, No, It’s an Igbo Nationalistic agenda full stop. I have no problem with that but what is dangerous is the danger this type of toxic politics brings into my homeland which is Yorùbáland.

Lebanon was the only last known country that had the heterogeneity in terms of religious diversity which was almost like the Yoruba people. The religious harmony in Lebanon was disrupted through the introduction of political Islam into Lebanon by Palestinian refugees. This singular act broke the cultural and peaceful societal fabric of Lebanon and till today, Lebanon has not recovered. As a matter of fact, there are more Lebanese outside Lebanon than in Lebanon. Just like the Palestinian refugees, Peter Obi is sowing seed of discord and distrust amongst my people the Yoruba people because of his selfish, diabolical, ethnic supremacist and inordinate ambition.

In order to prevent Yorùbáland from falling into anarchy and chaos, patriotic Yorubas worldwide must unite across religious lines and prevent the merchant of death called Peter Obi from bringing Lebanon into Yorùbáland.
His fellow Yes daddies across Yorùbáland must not be allowed to gain foothold in Yorubaland so that they will not radicalize Yoruba Christians with political Christianity and turn them into “political crusaders” for the conquest and destabilization of Yorùbáland.

May Olodumare continue to bless the entire Yoruba people.

Bolarinwa is the
Think Yoruba First Organization worldwide

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