8,000 Nigerian children accused of witchcraft rehabilitated

A Nigerian human rights network has been fighting superstitions for 20 years

At least 8,000 children accused of witchcraft have been taken in by a Nigerian human rights center in the last 20 years. Dangerous superstitions have deprived the victims of a decent future, but with the help of the Child Rights and Rehabilitation Network, they have the chance to be integrated into society.

“I could not stand to see how innocent children were being attacked, were being killed and abandoned because of misinformation from some churches in their houses and families,” Sam Itauma, the network’s president, said. 

He also described the work the organization does to fight against false beliefs, noting that the efforts have been met with backlash and resistance. 

“You have to sacrifice your comfort, almost a life, for people to live,” Itauma added.

 Source RT News

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