Ajulo Warns Ondo Appointees, Politicians Against Exploiting Akeredolu’s Health for Political and Financial Gains, Cites National Embarrassment from Current Actions.

…aligns with NBA, says attack on Acting Governor treasonable.

By Samuel Ogunsona

Renowned constitutional lawyer and rights activist, Dr Kayode Ajulo, OON, has strongly criticized the internal wrangling among Ondo State political appointees warning them against using Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s health condition as a means to bring disrepute to the image of the government and good people of the State.

In a statement, Ajulo described their actions as a national embarrassment and a result of an unhealthy thirst for power that hinders effective collaboration in the Governor’s absence.

“The recent issue surrounding a statement attributed to the national chairman of the APC, Abdullahi Adamu, and the subsequent correction made by the party’s national secretary, Sen Iyiola Omisore, was indirectly caused by the actions of these individuals. If the government’s internal affairs were well managed and in order, such an incident would not have occurred.” The lawyer said.

Ajulo emphasized that Ondo’s appointees and politicians should refrain from capitalizing on Governor Akeredolu’s health challenges to create chaos in the state. He also urged the Acting Governor, Mr Lucky Ayedatiwa, to restore stability and ensure the smooth functioning of the government.

While acknowledging that anyone is entitled to run the government within the confines of the law, Ajulo stressed that the Acting Governor, Mr Ayedatiwa, is constitutionally responsible for governing the state in the absence of the Governor. He called upon Acting Governor Ayedatiwa to fulfil his constitutional obligations and rescue the state from its current state of disarray.

“The 1999 Constitution, as amended, empowers the Deputy Governor to assist the Governor in carrying out primary duties and allows for their replacement in the event of the Governor’s death, impeachment, absence, or illness. Thus, anyone impeding the Acting Governor from fulfilling his constitutional duties is acting against the law.” Ajulo asserted.

Expressing concern for the people of Ondo State, Ajulo insisted that their welfare should take precedence over any political manoeuvrings ahead of the 2023 election. He criticized certain politicians who claimed to act out of loyalty to the Governor while neglecting the interests of the people.

According to Ajulo, “Governor Akeredolu is known for his commitment to scholarship, activism, and transparency, and it would disappoint him to witness how some of his appointees have prioritized personal gains over the welfare of the state.

“It is appalling to witness how they scramble over themselves, claiming they are demonstrating loyalty to the Governor, while what is paramount is their allegiance to the dictates of the constitution and the people. Even the Governor, in turn, prioritizes his loyalty to the constitution and people above all else.”

In response to his outspoken condemnation of the political developments, Ajulo revealed that he has faced numerous threats and character assassination attempts. However, he remains resolute in his commitment to advocating for an egalitarian society that upholds the rule of law. Ajulo dismissed these threats as the tactics of a cowardly and faceless cabal, emphasizing that he has encountered adversaries of greater strength in the past.

“I have faced physical threats and remained unperturbed; just a brood of chicken wasting their time threatening a fox. Those behind the threats and misinformation campaigns are driven by blackmail. Previously, they targeted Governor Akeredolu’s wife and children, blackmailing them to hinder what they perceived as their involvement in government. Now, they have falsely accused the Acting Governor of delving into his boss’s financial records.” He said.

He further stressed that any assault on the Acting Governor amounts to treason, aligning himself with the stance of the Nigeria Bar Association, Akure Branch, as expressed by Chairman Banjo Aiyenakin, Esq.

Ajulo expressed confidence that the people of Ondo State would soon see through these deceptive tactics and recognize the true nature of those involved.

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