Armed Fulani planning violent attacks on Yorubaland soon, says former Military Intelligence boss


Armed Fulani planning violent attacks on Yorubaland soon, says former Military Intelligence boss

Mr Olakunle Salau

In no distant time, armed Fulani men in large numbers will attack Yoruba territories, a former Director of Nigerian Directorate of Military Intelligence(DMI) has warned.

According to Brigadier General (rtd) Kunle Togun the Fulani armed men are already in Yoruba forests waiting to unleash terror on Yorubaland.

He said the Fulani armed men have the illusion that Nigeria is their birth right and that they believe the country has been ordained by Allah to be their booty.

Togun who is also the commander, Amotekun in Oyo State spoke on Wednesday at Ibadan.

He said a large number of Fulani fighters have already infiltrated Yoruba territories waiting for the directives to attack the entire South West.

He said many of them are also entrenched through Okada, wheelbarrows and other means across Yorubaland.

“There would soon be a problem in the South-West. These foreign Fulani herdsmen would soon come for the purpose of taking over Nigeria. This is because they (Fulani) have the backing of some people in government.

“They have their foot-soldiers among those Okada riders, pepper sellers who ply their trade in wheelbarrows. They have mastered topography in the South-West communities. This is very critical.” Togun warned.

He spoke who spoke at a lecture titled “Insecurity: Challenge, Holistic Approach and the Significance of Regional Security Dimensions” at the Institute for Peace and Strategic Studies Students Association (IPSSSA) at the University of Ibadan.

He warned that most of the Fulani involved in violence across Yorubaland are supported by Tuaregs from Mali, Guinea, Chad and other West African countries.

He said: “They were told that Allah has given Nigeria to them as heritage. So, their plans are to take over what they claimed Allah had given them, including Yorubaland.

He said further: “There are enemies within. When the South-West governors wanted to establish Amotekun, some people went to Abuja and advised President Muhammadu Buhari not to allow it, saying they (governors) would use Amotekun for secession.”

He said he regretted that Amotekun is not receiving enough cooperation from the police.


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