Bayelsa Governor Hands Over 14 Days Quit Notice To Miyetti Allah Cattles


Bayelsa Governor hands over 14 days quit notice to Miyetti Allah Cattles

By Ebiri Weri-Nelson

The Governor of Bayelsa State has given a 14-day quit notice to the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, (MACBAN)

Bayelsa State wants the MACBAN to move out the cattle in 14 days or face ejection in Yenagoa.

However, outside Yenogoa, the state is planning to create ranching for cattle owners who may wish to tender their animals.

The quit notice handed over by the Bayelsa State Livestock Management Committee on behalf of the State Governor asked MACBAN) and other operators to move their livestock out of Yenagoa, the state Capital. It is believed this move will substantially limite cattle rearing in the state which other land areas are largely water lodged apart from Yenogoa

The Chairman of the 23-man committee and Commissioner for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Mr. David Alagoa wh9 spoke with journalists after meeting with MACBAN in the Niger Delta States said the move was necessary to safeguard the area.

Alagoa said after the 14 days expiration, his Committee will arrest cows found in the state. He said grazing in the day or night will not be tolerated in the state.

He said the State Government was talking to MACBAN with the hope of ensuring no open grazing in the state in the near future.

He said the state government will make opportunities available for the people of Bayelsa to cultivate grass that may be sold to cow owners where ever they may be.

He said “So we have agreed that we give them a moratorium period of 10 days and by the 14th day, which falls on the 10th of April, we will start impounding (cows).

“If you are interested in the cattle business in Bayelsa, the governor has opened up business opportunities of the huge value chain in the meat business. It is time now. If you have land and you want to ranch, you can ranch, since we are going purely for ranching. If you want to plant grass and sell for cattle, you can sell


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