Black Africa accuses Australia of institutional racism

-Says the system has been designed to hunt blacks

By Samuel Ogunsona

A West African visiting Australia with his wife has accused Australia of institutional racism.

His wife is Australian.

He said people of African descent are always exposed to multi-faceted forms of racial discrimination and systemic racism in all forms by the Australian airport authorities.

He holds a British passport.

He laments the lack of transparency in Australian public relations.

In a video obtained by Irohinodua, the man from West Africa was enrage saying in his eight years of visiting Australia, he has never been able to pass through the border freely like anyone else.

According to him, he has visited the country seven times in eight years with his Australian wife but has always been suffered discrimination at the airport border control.

He said he has been constantly treated like other blacks from West Africa.

“Why is it that I always get singled out? Because I am black and I came from West Africa ? Each time, I can say this is harassment.

“This is the seventh time in eight years that I have been coming to Australia, guys like you will come and harass me.

“There is no one time I have been able to go through freely like anyone else” he said.

“I have heard a 31 hour flight. The last three times I have been told that people from where I came from in the world are troublemakers.

“I have been here seven times in eight years, my wife is Australian. I always come here for three weeks or for a month. Every-time I come here, we get a lot of hassle, we from people from West Africa origin. I am a British citizen.
Yes I was born in West Africa. Why should I be harassed by folks like that everytime I come to Australia? Shame on you Australia!” He said

He complained that the racism against blacks is an institutional error and has been designed for people like him

“It is institutional racist against people like me. It’s about the system which looks out for people from West Africa. People from Weat Africa have a single thing in common, they are black.

“The last time I filed this complaint and form, I asked someone in your position that if I fill that form what would happen… he turned to me and said “Probably Nothing”.

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