Buhari Arming Fulani, But Disarming Us-Says Benue Governor at Burial of Terror Victims


Buhari arming Fulani, but disarming us-Says Benue Governor at burial of terror victims

“Armed Fulani want to take over our land”

By Adjei Salisu

The Governor of Benue State Samuel Ortom has berated the Federal Government to for its cold attitude towards killings perpetrated by armed Fulani men

Speaking at the burial of scores of people killed at the Internally Displaced Camp, (IDP) in Benue Ortom said the raging terror in the country is a clear attempt by Fulani to take over lands belonging to indigenous peoples.

Ortum said “It is unfortunate in the last two weeks we buried over 70 people this is not acceptable. The Federal Government has refused to take proactive steps in the situation we are experiencing today.”

He said further “You will recall that I alerted the entire nation when the Fulani’s in 14 countries met in yola and declared that except we fulfill the open grazing law,
Benue will not know peace !”

Ortum said the Federal government should arrest the leadership of Miyetti Allah but that till date nothing has been done.

“It means we don’t have a government at a federal level because if the government has taken a proactive step to arrest the myhetti allah leadership. This May not have happened.
Mr President has ordered to shoot anyone with AK47
But up till today no one has been reportedly shut down by security operatives.
How can I be a happy man when you wake up everyday and you see your people being killed, so please Mr President must do the needful, this is sad”

He said President Mohammadu Buhari must rise to his responsibilities as the commander in chief of the armed forces.

“This is unaccepted .
The Fulani men want to take over our land, they send people out of their land, kill them, what else do they want! They are your kinsmen, call them
They are taking us for granted. Enough is Enough!”

He said further that if the President is serious he should allow the state Governments to buy AK47 to protect the people.


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