Coronation of Sultan Is Threat To Edo Culture- Obaseki


Coronation of Sultan is threat to Edo culture- Obaseki

Says installation will lead to breakdown of law and order

By Ojo Ehige

Any attempt to coronate a Sultan in Edo State will be resisted by the State Government, the Edo State Government has said.

In a statement signed by the Secretary to the State Government Osarodion Ogie made available to Irohinoodua said it was aware of plans to install Sultan of Shuwa Arab in Edo State but that such a move will not be allowed.

The State Government said “whether or not this event is held at the proposed or any other location within the state, it would constitute a direct assault on the tradition, custom and culture of the people of Edo State by individuals who clearly have sinister motives and are trying to abuse the well known Edo hospitality by their act of sacrilege.’

The Edo State Government said those involved in the conception will be dealt with.

The SSG stated “That is a potential threat to the peace and security of Edo State with the capacity to cause a breakdown of law and order as citizens of the state are likely to be provoked by the obnoxious ceremony.”

Obaseki said under the Edo State Traditional Rulers and Chiefs laws it is an offense for anyone to proclaim himself or allow himself to be proclaimed as holder of any traditional title not recognised under the said law.”

The government said the proposed coronation is without the approval of the appropriate authority

The state said firm and decisive action will be taken to prevent the actualisation if “this illegal.and sacrilegious act and all persons found to have been involved in the conception
air execution of same with face full wrath of the law”

A group had vowed to install one Idris Adanno as Sultan of Shuwa Arab of Edo State.

Many indigenous Edo people consider such a move as a conscious attempt to rival the Oba of Benin and create and emirate considered a threat to the over 800 years history of Bini tradition and custom.


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