Coronavirus: Kenya Orders Suspension Of All Public Gatherings


Breaking News: Coronavirus: Kenya orders suspension of all public gatherings

By Samuel Adeoti

The Federal Government of Kenya today has ordered the suspension of all public gatherings for the safety of public health.

The Kenyan government gave the order following the continuous spread of Coronavirus across nations including Nigeria.

Observers praised the action of the Kenyans describing it as the best in the circumstance.

In the circular dated March 13, the National Security conucil order the suspension of all public visits to the prisons, all imter school gathering either for sporting activities or other wise,mass/public gathering or meetings of any nature, inter .
agencies and inter institution and inter religious gathering for the next thirty days.

The Government also called for the creation of awareness through door to door campaign on good personal hygiene.

Kenya is the first country in Africa to take decisive action against the spread of the deadly virus that has taken toll on no fewer than 4000 deaths with China, Italy and South Korea leading the odd graph. At the weekend, the United States President Mr Donald Trump declared Sunday the National Prayer Day saying that the United States had survived in difficult times by turning unto God in time of adversary.

Many observers are concerned that Nigerian authorities have failed to take any drastic action


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