COVID-19: Chinese Doctors arrive Abuja as Briton dies of virus in Lagos


COVID-19: Chinese Doctors arrive Abuja as Briton dies of virus in Lagos

By Samuel Ogunsona

Chinese Doctors arrived today in  Nigeria as part of the campaign against COVID-I9. The Chinese were invited by the Federal Government to share their experiences in the bid to halt the spread of the deadly virus in Nigeria. Irohinoodua heard that the 11 persons team arrived at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, on a chattered Air Peace aircraft on Wednesday. Our correspondent learnt that the Air Piece Flight brought thousands of medical kit, medicine and equipment to assist the Nigerian authorities in the COVID-19 fight

The United States has also received similar assistance from China inspite of diplomatic stunts that the US does not need the assistance of China. The New York Times reported how China has brought several medical equipment and medicine to the United States this week to help local efforts at curtailing the spread. Chinese President Li Xiping earlier called for a unity of purpose between the United States and China to confront the virus that has claimed 12,000 lives in the United States, the new epicenter of the disease.

The personnel, who are experts in infectious diseases, respiratory illness, intensive care, cardiology, neurology, general surgery and anesthesiology, will be coming with their drugs, and equipment to carry out COVID-19 tests on the staff of the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation in the country.

The Executive Director, CCECC, Mr Jacques Liao earlier that the medical team would be coming with 16-ton test kits, ventilators, disinfection machine, disposable medical masks, drugs, infrared thermometer and other items ordered by the Federal Government.

Liao rejected unfounded criticisms over the visit of the Chinese led by the Nigerian Medical Assocaition, (NMA). He said “the primary purpose of the team is to provide CECC employees with critical and necessary healthcare.”

According to him members of the working team have tested negative for COVID-19 and shall commence their stay in Nigeria by spending 14 days in quarantine.


“The primary purpose of the team is to provide CCECC employees with critical and necessary health care assistance. They are also coming with adequate personal protective equipment and medical items for the employees.”


Meanwhile,  British citizen living in Nigeria has become the to die form the Coronavirus. This occurred today as Chinese Doctors arrived Nigeria to help in the fight against COVID-19

The Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Prof Akin Abayomi announced on his twitter that the 66 year-old Briton died today


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