COVID-19 Patient Die In Lagos As Centres Refuse To Test Poor Patients But Attends Only To The Rich


COVID-19 patient die in Lagos as centres refuse to test poor patients but attends only to the rich

By Samuel Ogunsona

The designated centres of COVID-19 tests are refusing to attend to suspected patients whp made themselves available after obvious symptoms, a prominent Lagos lawyer has said.

He also said that in Ajah, Lagos a COVID-19 patient died after fruitless efforts to secure the NDDC attention promoting the family to resist attempt by the officials who came after he had died from taking his corpse.

In a release on Saturday made available to Irohinoodua, activist lawyer, Olu Ebun Adegboruwa ( SAN) said he received complaints that the test centres are not responding to those who visit of call them.

Adegboruwa cited instances where patients were turned back by two disease control centres in Lagos where officials asked at least one patient who was already having difficulty in breathing to come back next week that they were already “booked for the week.”

The attitude of the officials also appear to suggest that the centres lack capacity and that the populàtion of requests for tests have increased significantly.

He said “Yesterday, a friend called me that he was having difficulty breathing, he’s been weak and has pains in the heart.

“I immediately told him to race to Landmark isolation Centre in Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos. He went there straight but was turned back, as he was told that it’s only meant for those who have tested positive already. I encouraged him to wait till day break so he could go to Yaba, the main COVID 19 center in Lagos.

According to Adegboruwa, “On reaching out to Yaba, he was told to describe his symptoms on record by way of sms and send it. In response, he was told that he could not be tested this week again as they are already booked for this week. He will be programmed for next week for his test. So, what happens to him between now and next week?”

He said a similar situation was reported in Ajah early this week.

Adegboruwa said they called NCDC in Lagos and they kept postponing the test adding that by the time NCDC officers got to Ajah the man had died and the family resisted them from carrying the corpse.

He said the reality is that Nigeria has no capacity for COVID 19 presently and the govt is not telling us the truth.

He added “Please do all you can to stay safe, to be sure that you’re not infected at all, as it now takes prayer and connection to even be tested how much less get treated.”

The lawyer said what the NCDC told the nation is that people are not coming up for tests and that there is capacity.

“Please do all your best to stay safe and if you have any connection to help my friend get tested quickly, please do help me, ” he said


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