#ENDSARs: Deployment Of Soldiers Is Treason, Yoruba, Igbo Groups Warn Buhari.


#ENDSARs: Deployment of soldiers is treason, Yoruba, Igbo groups warn Buhari.

By Akeem Abib

Any attempt to deploy soldiers against the on-going protest is treason against the people, Pan Yoruba and Igbo groups in a joint statement said on Sunday.

The two groups, Yoruba One Voice and Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, (IPOB) said President Mohammadu Buhari deployment of soldiers to quell the #ENDSARs protesters is a conscious attempt to bring down the pillars of democracy in Nigeria. The statement was made available to Irohinoodua

In a joint statement, Yoruba Voice and the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, (IPOB) said the use of soldiers represents an act of treason.

The groups said they are deeply concerned about plots by the Fulani to destabilise the country in order to justify the complete imposition of martial rule on the country.

“This was exactly what happened in 1983. People rose against President Shehu Shagari. The military led by Fulani officers ambushed the democratic experience which produced the same Buhari as the military Head of State.” the two groups said in the statement signed by Director of Communication, Yoruba Voice Zacheus Somorin and IPOB’s Principal Secretary to the Directorate of State Ms Christy Ekama.

It said each time Nigerians rise up against an unjust system, the Fulani employs military tactics to sabotage the will of the people.

The groups said further: “It is unthinkable that President Buhari has resolved to deploy soldiers. There was no debate on the deployment in the National Assembly. The Governors’ Forum and the National Executive Council, (NEC) have not discussed the use of soldiers. It’s certain the deployment of soldiers was a decision taken by Buhari’s kitchen cabinet dominated by his Fulani kinsmen”

The group said while armed Fulani herdsmen have invaded forests in Southern states, killing, raping and maiming the people, Buhari never contemplated deploying soldiers.

“This act is a declaration of war on the people of Southern and the Middle Belt arears of Nigeria where the #ENDSARs protests have been most pronounced. It’s an attempt to unleash violence on our people and cause a state of emergence to be declared in Southern and Middle Belt states” the groups said.

They called on the United Nations, (UN) and other International organisations to hold Buhari and his Fulani ethno-centric group responsible for the possible break down of law and order that may arise.

The groups said “Operation Crocodile Smile” with the sole aim to quell the popular #ENDSARS protests across the country is a direct invitation of the military to intervene in Nigerian political space.

“The protests are a clear testament to failure of leadership. We fully endorse the #ENDSARS protests. We commend Nigerian youths for again rising to the occasion to redirect the drifting ship of state.”

The groups said “The Federal Government must immediately rescind its decision to deploy the Armed Forces to truncate legitimate protests by Nigerians. This is contrary to international law”

They cautioned the Federal Government not to add to the gruesome bloodletting by the discredited SARS operatives through the ill-advised deployment of the Armed Forces.

“We will hold the Buhari Administration and its officials responsible for any killings occasioned by the deployment of the Armed Forces to quell legitimate civil protests.We call on the United Nations and the international community to take particular interest in the #ENDSARS protests and the planned deployment of the Armed Forces, and to hold Nigerian officials to account for any infringement of civil rights”

The groups reminded the Armed Forces that their loyalty is to the Nigerian people and not to individuals in power.

“The era of regime protection is gone forever. We commend Nigerian youths for their courage and sacrifices in the face of police brutality, joblessness, insecurity, extra-judicial killings and hopelessness” said the groups.


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