ENDSARs: Police Urged To Release List of Arrested Detainees


ENDSARs: Police urged to release list of arrested detainees

By Samuel Ogunsona

Rights groups fear hundreds of innocent people held by police in terrifying conditions

The Commissioner of Police in Lagos, CP has been asked to release the names of all those arrested and detained in connection with the post #ENDSARs riots.

In a letter addressed to the Lagos Police Commissioner, the Legal Aid Council,
(LACON-Lagos State Chapter) and signed by Mrs T. Akingbade, the council requested for the list of those arrested.

The letter made available to Irohinoodua was said to have been prompted by widespread allegations that over 500 people have been arrested many of who have no connection to the looting and arson.

A source close to the Council said the letter was in response to the many complaints by families and lawyers regarding the indiscriminate arrests, detention and remand of suspected looters across Lagos.

The source said among those arrested were children as young as 12 years, old people and women many of who were picked indiscriminately on the streets.

LACON requests for a list of all the suspects in police custody so as to provide legal services for them.

“This request comes after a strategic stakeholders’ meeting was held to discuss the unhealthy trend of indiscriminate arrest and the violation of the suspect’s constitutional right to a lawyer of his choice”, one LACON official said amidst unfounded charges of arson, murder, armed robbery and other capital offences.

“Children as young as 15 years of age, women and girls and even senior citizens in their 70s have been charged and detained for these grave offences without access to legal aid or services. More reports are coming in that these suspects are not well fed and the environment they are staying and sleeping is dehumanizing” said the source.

An official of Nigerian Human Rights Community, (NHRC) Mr Taiwo Akinyele told Irohinoodua that many parents have besieged the groups office alleging that their children were arrested on the streets without based on suspicion.

“Many people are being held. Many are children Some are old. Some are young girls. This looks like police vengeance’ he said saying that the police should have been diligent in making arrests.

Irohinoodua visited the Lagos Police Command today where tens of relatives were seen looking for their wards and family members arrested in the wake of the protests.


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