Ethnic Cleansing of Hausa Communities in Northern Nigeria

Ethnic Cleansing of Hausa Communities in Northern Nigeria

Dr A . Malumfashi.

I like to make a few clarifications here. Whenever t he *enemy Fulani” (those looking for new ancestral Hausa to unsettle, dominate and occupy indigenous ethnic Hausa settlements in order to bequeath to their children children other people’s God given Land) strikes a community, they try to Impose on them their culture and religion, as well as show they’re a superior race over them, as it was the case with the Hausawa (it is glaring all the beautiful valuable Hausa culture has been jettisoned , our sports, athletes, dances, playlets, history, literature books eg Magana jari, Ruwan Bagaja, Iliya Dan maikarfi, Dutse baka fargaba sai na ruwa etc have all been either burnt or mysteriously jettisoned in favor of only Fulani culture).

The Fulani are a minority tribe attaching themselves to the Hausas for them to survive, they mischievously introduced the word Hausa Fulani without making distinction to be Hausa or Fulani, it’s today used as a fraudulent canopy to deceive Nigerians.

In Nigeria, legally speaking, everychild goes with his/perternal genealogy not minding whererver or whatever the mother tribe comes from.

So if your Father is Hausa tribe marry a Fulani woman, the children are Hausa. If a Fulani man marry Hausa woman, the children are Fulani. The same applies to others ethnicities in Nigeria,
There’s nothing like Hausa-fulani, it’s used for political gimmickry to give the Fulani a cover only for them to take the share of what should have gone to Hausas and take their little as Fulani in all ramifications.
How come they don’t want to be called Fulani-Hausa or Yoruba-fulani or Fulani-Igbo as all have intermarried that Way.

Secondly, Hausa is a tribe and not Islam which is a religion. Naturally the real or pure Hausas are not violent, they are peaceful wherever they live, they’re farmers (rainy season, irrigation and husbandary keepers) they are commerce and industry people, they are similar to the Bedouin in the middle east with same culture. They cohabitate with Arabs.

Having Said that, the Fulanis in Nigeria have mischievously sold the venom to redefine Hausa as Islam which is why anytime the Islamists commit mayhem, you will hear people blaming Hausas.
Thirdly, I want to clarify that there’s no tribe called ‘Maguzawa”.

Often time you will hear if a visitor is passing by some core Hausa settlement, he/ she will be told that this place is dwelling of Maguzawa or Magudawa instead of saying they’re Hausa tribe Christians,or Islamic or traditionalist, sometimes some Fulani Governors in North West will be proud to go on media and be saying they Islamized the Maguzawa instead of Hausawa, thereby portraying to the world as if its another tribe entirely. The original word was Magudawan Sallah, or Masu gudun Sallah or Unguwar Magudawan Sallah. Gudu in Hausa means run or running. Magudawa means those running.

It was a mockery by the Fulanis referring to the pure real Hausa tribes who opposed and rejected Islam opting to rather remain traditional and worship their deities, they were never conquered by Jihad of Othman Dan fodio.

Magudawa or Maguzawa is same word meaning the Hausawa who ran away from Islam. But as time went on the Fulanis have used different means of coercion, impoverishement and cunning Jihad to make a lot of Hausas join Islam as others remained traditional and a large number are Christians (whom the Fulanis are still calling Maguzawa instead of Hausa christians but will not call those in Islam with Maguzawa because of mischief.

It is also to make the myopic Hausa tribe in Islam to hate their fellow Hausas , divide them not to be ever United as one so as not to revolt against the Fulani, they are indoctrinated to be superior over their Hausa Christians and traditionalist.

it is clear now that the Fulani kills all of the Hausa tribesmen whether you are in Islam , Christianity or traditionalist)

The above is fundamental and foundational to be clarified otherwise such blanketing of Hausas as Islamic, or Hausas as Maguzawa or Hausawa as Hausa-fulani is endergering the Hausa tribe as a species for annihilation.

It is good to point out that ,that’s why the Fulani are on rampage again trying to actualize what Othman Dan Fodio couldn’t conclude and to increase their population over the Hausa people, they’re now killing, maiming, kidnapping and abducting only the real pure Hausa tribe settlements in Katsina , Zamfara , Sokoto and some parts of Northern Kaduna in the North West, creating artificial famine and looming catastrophe waiting to happen due to Fulani attacks on farming communities.

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