Exclusive: Igbo, Yoruba hold historic conference January 15


Exclusive: Igbo, Yoruba hold historic conference January 15

For the first time in a trouble relationship, Igbo and Yoruba ethnic groups the two biggest ethnic nationalities in Southern Nigeria will be holding an historic meeting on another historic date.

Irohinoodua learnt that the historic meeting will hold on January 15, 2021 the day Nigeria witnessed her first military coup led by Major Kaduna Nzeogwu and many radical soldiers with the objective of cleansing a rotten system. The coup went awry having been hijacked by reactionary soldiers, an event that led to counter coups, political instability and then a civil war that lasted for 30 months. The theme of the January event is tagged From a shared experience Wetie to Biafra.

The gory event of the war continues to dominate bitter debate between Igbo and Yoruba people.

The summit is being organized by Fatherland, a global organization with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Mr Dele Ogun, leader of Fatherland said the summit will open a new chapter in Yoruba-Igbo relationship. He said the objective was to find a common denominator for peaceful coexistence among generation of Igbo and Yoruba people who have been divided by events of the 1960s that appear to sow a seed of discord between the two great civilisations.

Speakers at the event are Jo Wealleans Professor Emmanuel Chukwuedo Nwanze, Prof Banji Akintoye, Timothy Modu, Priscilla Nwikpo and Amarachi  Attamah. There will be performing artiste,  Ayan De First.

The zoom event is expected to draw prominent Igbo and Yoruba scholars and professionals. Irohinoodua heard that the Fatherland initiative will be followed by other programmes aimed at forging closer ties between the two  old ethnic rivals whose nevertheless are facing common existential threats of survival on a troubled country, Nigeria.


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