Exclusive Video :How Politicians took oath of loyalty to former Ekiti Gov, Ayo Fayose, not to the people


Exclusive Video :How Politicians took oath of loyalty to former Ekiti Gov, Ayo Fayose, not to the people.

By Akinbola Faluse


A video has revealed how the former Governor of Ekiti Mr Ayodele Fayose compelled politicians and his appointed aides to swear oath of allegiance to him like an Emperor instead of loyalty to the people they were to serve.
The video futher clarifies how Fayose ran a state of 3.5 million people with charm and voodoo.

In the video obtained by Irohinoodua, Fayose compelled his aides, appointees and party members to swear an oath of loyalty to his person

In the oath, the consequence of disloyalty is death.

One after the other, the politicians and aides were seen in the video pledging their allegiance to the Governor saying that if they betrayed the Governor, each of them must be struck by death.

‘Tokan tara ni mo fi se ti Oshoko (Fayose) ti mo ba da Oshoko ki m ba ile lo’ meaning “I will worship Governor Fayose with all my heart, If I betray him, let me die”

The video depicted how politicians held down development of their territories by building loyalty to individuals in power instead of loyalty to the people they are meant to serve.

One source told Irohinoodua that after the oath taking, members were forced to taste blood collected from each of them mixed with other fetish objects.

“This is one reason partly responsible for why some states will never develop. Officials who are expected to implement government policies do so in line with the aspirations of one man and not with the aspirations of the people that elected them. A Governor is expected to run policies that benefit the people not policies that were designed to meet his parochial ends. This is a major faultline in governance in Nigeria. When officials who are expected to be loyal to the people, and serve them chose to be loyal to one man, you can never have greatness in such a society,” Mrs Sayo Adeniran, a member of South West Professionals, (SOWPROF) told Irohinoodua.

There are details obtained by Irohinoodua indicating that Fayose extended the forced oath of loyalty to his former Deputy Governor and all strategic officials in his cabinet including some of his Permanent Secretaries, a competent source told Irohinoodua adding that appoinments and opportunities to contest any election under Fayose were driven by oath of loyalty to his person.

The source condemned what he considered as the ‘might of leadership by ungodly men” whose main goal is power acquisition for personal ends. The source said the video explains why it was easy for many fraud committed by public officials not to be discovered since those expected to be witnesses were already held in awe by the oath of death they took


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