Faction sacks Prof Akintoye as YWC leader


Faction sacks Prof Akintoye as YWC leader

Prof Banji Akintoye was at the weekend removed as the leader of Yoruba World Congress (YWC). Four notable members of the group, Dr Amos Akingba, Chief Tola Adeniyi, Chief Solagbade Popoola and Professor Anthony Kila, in a joint statement, said Prof Akintoye has been sacked.

“In order to save the soul and spirit of YWC and sustain the huge goodwill and confidence the entire Yoruba race has in the respectable agenda and activities of our organisation, it was unanimously resolved that retired Professor Banji Akintoye must be relieved of his Protem position in YWC to enable us continue the urgent agenda of the organisation” the four notable members stated.

Irohinoodua was the first to report the brewing crisis in the Pan Yoruba group. The four founders said Prof Akintoye’s removal followed intensive consultation with many stakeholders in the YWC. Another source said eventhough this has not been made publicly known, allegations of misappropriation of funds by some members are one of the causes of the rift among the YWC members. Underline is the problem of ideological clarity, a muddle up structure that doe snot give room for effectiveness and a total act of ignorance on tactics of recruiting the elements that are genuinely committed to the Yoruba self determination campaign.

Allegations against Akintoye included “gross incompetence, indecisiveness, obnoxious dictatorship, and absolute disregard for laid down rules, order, structure, consistency and reliability – all of which he has failed  to acquit himself.”

The four notable members said Akintoye “has one leg in the motley associations which elected him Yoruba Leader at Ibadan in August 2019, another leg in Afenifere, a leading Pan-Yoruba socio-cultural political organization where he is the Chairman of that body’s Political Committee and strangely another leg in YWC where he has been decorated as Protem Leader since late 2018.”

They claimed that Akintoye is noted for  “his legendary divisiveness has created unprecedented acrimony and confusion in all the listed entities, particularly in the European and American chapters of the YWC.

Henceforth, the YWC they  noted will be managed by a “collective leadership pending the time our new Leader is introduced to the public.”

They added: “For emphasis, the decision was reached after one week of turmoil and various attempts to quitely and internally solve a crisis that originated from an attempt by Akintoye and some other people to hijack the YWC Leadership structure by removing members of the Leaders Council. There have been deep concerns about the way the YWC has been managed in terms of its structure which has given room for all manners of people to infiltrate its rank and file. A member of the group who does not wish to be named stated “We are working round the clock to bring the crisis to an end.” Irohinoodua gathered that the emergence of the two factions has led to the mass exit of the coalition members whose sovereignty had earlier been submitted to the YWC.



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