Fani Kayode condemns Obi supporters for attacks on TIME Magazine listing of Tinubu as one of 100 most influential world leaders

“Obidients are murderous fascists” Says Fani Kayode

By Femi Fani Kayode

Simply for listing Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as being amongst the top 100 most powerful people in the world, TIME magazine’s Astha has had to lock her Twitter account because of the hate speech and trolling that she has been subjected to by the followers of Peter Obi.

Given this, can anyone dispute it when we call the Obidiots and members of the Obidati cult nothing but vicious and murderous fascists who are incapable of accommodating a plurality of views?

They will go down in Nigerian history as the most savage, ignorant and depraved bunch of totalitarian nincompoops that our politics has ever known.

Peter and Dati the Daft have spawned an army of savage and uncontrollable barbarians and instead of attempting to reign them in they are openly encouraging them and commending them for attacking, insulting and tormenting those that do not share their views.

Must we wait until they start to slaughter and butcher our people and subject them to crimes against humanity, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide before we recognise them for what they are, call them to order, resist them and bring them to justice?

Nigeria has never witnessed such a vicious, evil, toxic, psychotic, delusional and dangerous gathering of violent and beastly totalitarian savages in her politics in our entire history. Give them power and they will end Nigeria.

Those that say we should “slow down” and “take it easy” with the savages still do not know what we are dealing with.

They are evil and we shall not relent in our struggle to oppose them and expose them for who and what they are.

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