FG, States urged to learn from Fayemi’s budget process


FG, States urged to learn from Fayemi’s budget process

By Abike Aluko

The Federal and State Governments have been asked to learn from the budget making process of the Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi.

The Ekiti State Government this week launched town hall meetings aimed at getting the people to put on paper what they expect the State Government to do for the m and their communities as the government puts the machinery in place in preparation for the 2021 budget. Making the plea on Wednesday, the Deputy General Secretary, Nigerian Human Rights Community, (NHRC) Mr Taiwo Adeleye said the budget making process in Ekiti State represents the best model for any society that wants governance driven by the people themselves. The NHRC asked the State Government to make laws to legitimise the action of the State Government.

The NHRC is a coalition of some 135 civil society and human rights organisations spread across the 36 states of the Federation.“What we are seeing in Ekiti State has no equal in Nigeria and in West Africa. The Governor has brought best standard practices into governance. He does not just go ahead to prepare budgets, but he consults the people and at the end of the day, his projects represent the true aspirations of the people of the state” Adeleye said. He said the initiative of the state government ought to be imitated by the Federal and State Governments.

“This is a unique policy. It has distinguished the State Government as people-driven. Of the 36 states of the federation, this is the only state where there is genuine public participation in the budget making process.Under the scheme, locals and their representative present their needs to the government which in turn chose out of the various projects presented to the Ekiti State Government. It shows that budget is no longer a yearly ritual but something that involves the people in local communities.”

An official of the NHRC in Ekiti State, Mr Deji Omotoyinbo said “There are some 132 towns and villages in Ekiti State. This is the first time that we are seeing direct public input in governance. Fayemi did this in his first term and he is repeating the same feat again. We commend the governor. He has shown in the most practical ways his human rights background. With this, no community will be left out. We are proud of him. He remains an iconic leader who is determined to transform Ekiti State.”

Adeleye said past governments make the budgets without any consultation with the people. “At the end , the budget fails to address the needs of the people, the projects are created that are completely not in line with what people really want. What we are seeing in Ekiti is a renaissance. If all the Federal Government and all State governors adopt this policy, there will be sustainable development. It will lead to real transformation of the socio-economic formations of the state,” the NHRC stated.





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