First Lady, Lagos lawmaker launches subsidized food Hub to support locals

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

The Lagos Island community rejoiced on Sunday as they benefited from a 75% discounted food market initiative spearheaded by Lagos lawmaker, Omolara Oyekan-Olumegbon.

Collaborating with The Queen Mother Organisation, the food hub, titled “Senator Oluremi Tinubu Food Bank,” drew crowds to the Oluwole Car Park in Idumota, where residents eagerly purchased a variety of food items at reduced prices.

Rice, beans, bread, eggs, chicken, palm oil, noodles, vegetables, yam, and spaghetti were among the items available at discounted rates.

Representing Lagos Island Constituency I in the State House of Assembly, Oyekan-Olumegbon explained that the initiative aimed to alleviate the impact of harsh economic conditions on her constituents.

She said she fulfilled a campaign promise by initiating the food and technology hubs, with this being the inaugural outing

Expressing gratitude to supporters who subsidized certain foodstuffs by 50 to 75%, Oyekan-Olumegbon highlighted significant reductions in prices. For example, chicken, typically sold for N8,000 in the market, was available for N2,500 at the hub.

She expressed, “I made a promise during my campaign last year to create food and technology hubs in the community.

“This is the first food hub project and few people supported this initiative by paying 50 to 75 per cent subsidy on certain foodstuffs.

“For instance, chicken which is sold for N8,000 in the market is being sold for N2,500 here.”

Beneficiaries like Kolawole Adetula praised the lawmaker for the opportunity to purchase discounted food items. Adetula believed that initiatives like this, coupled with state government efforts, would alleviate economic hardships.

Sekinat Ibrahim arrived early and managed to purchase all the available food items, including bread, eggs, rice, beans, and chicken. However, Titilayo Adesope arrived late and expressed disappointment at missing out on certain items. Despite this, Adesope acknowledged the substantial discounts provided.

Titilayo expressed, “I was hoping to buy a live chicken, but I was disappointed when I got there and saw it had been sold out.

“This is a laudable initiative because 50 per cent to 75 per cent discount is a lot.”

In response to the economic challenges posed by fuel subsidy removal and currency devaluation, the Lagos State government established food banks across various local councils, further demonstrating efforts to ease the burden on residents by offering subsidized food items.

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