Former Kano Emir, Sanusi meets Niger Military leaders

By Samuel Ogunsona

Following the deadline given to General Abdourhamoun Tchiani led military leaders in Niger to restore democracy, former Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi has met with the Nigerien new leader to explore peaceful resolution

The meeting took place on Wednesday in Niamey, the capital of Niger

Sources told Irohinoodua that Sanusi was in Niger to negotiate with the new military leaders towards finding a lasting solution to the crisis.

General Tchiani led a military coup in July that overthrew the elected President amidst speculations that the election that brought the ousted President to power was manipulated by France, the former colonial rulers of the landlocked country of some 26million people.

The new leader, Tchiani is from Talliberi area where there is a large population of Fulani and Hausa natives.

In Niger, Hausa constitutes some 52 percent of the entire population many of who owe allegiance to Sanusi as a notable religious leader.

“The former Emir had very useful discussions with General Tchiani. They discussed the sanctions imposed by Nigeria and some West African countries. They also discussed the pathway to peace in Niger” a source close to the Emir told Irohinoodua.

The former Emir also leads Tijjaniya, an Islamic sect with an overwhelming followership in Niger.
A source said the new military leader in Niger is also a member of the sect

Former Emir of Kano was said to have been accompanied by the Sultan of Damagaran. The two held closed door meeting with General Tchiani

Sultan of Damagaran leads Damagaran an historic city and the third largest city in Niger.

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