How Princess Connived With Baba Ijesha To Sexploit The 14 Year Old Girl


How Princess connived with Baba Ijesha to sexploit the 14 year old girl

Why foster mother and Baba Ijesa should go to jail

By Adeola Soetan

Baba Ijesha is having affair with Princess (that’s nobody’s biz since they are consenting adults) .

Baba Ijesha actually penetrated the little girl years back and has been subjecting her victim to regular sexual harrasment.

Princess was privy to Baba Ijesha’s sexploitation of the girl but Baba Ijesha begged her and she stupidly accepted his apologies because of the relationship between them. Princess should have revealed this crime against the girl in her care as a foster parent but she didn’t, perhaps to save their relationship.

The unfortunate girl was in a quagmire, her foster mum can’t save her while Baba Ijesha continued to frolic with her.

Recently, the girl had courage to inform her schoolmate and friend about her terrible situation but that Baba Ijesha threatened her she would die if she told anybody about their forced romance with him. But her friend emboldened her that she would not die.

The victim’s schoolmate told her own mother about her friend’s sex slave situation in Princess’ house. The good mother who is a casual friend to Princess was sad and annoyed and confronted Princess about it which she confirmed. Princess was devastated that outsiders were now aware of what she had been hiding

Princess became panicky because she knew the implication as an “accomplice after the facts” of defilement and sexual harrasment of the innocent girl in her care. She knew the heavy moral and legal burden she would carry as a celebrity if the lid was blown off on the social media by those who now knew about her home of sexploitation.

She contacted her confidants who advised her to quickly do the needful by outsmarting social media and nollywood “witches” and bloggers who might have heard about it.

Promptly, he invited a company to set up CCTV in her house to trap Baba Ijesha so that she could break the story with visual evidence by herself before others did that. And the foolish unrepentant child sexploiter, Baba Ijesha, fell for the trap because that’s his usual game. One could see how excited Baba Ijesha was when Princess and Co were leaving the house for him, how confident he was when searching the rooms to make sure no one was inside and how familiar and habitual he was with the poor girl sexually. Using the word “setup” is complicated, I think “trapped” is correct.

Good enough that Princess has blown the lid off the case but it was too late to be good and appeared self serving not really because of the badly sexploited small helpless poor girl.

If these latest “revelations” and “facts” were “truly true”, I suggest that Princess should be tried with Baba Ijesha as an accomplice after the facts of defilement and indecent touching of an underage., her foster daughter made to be child sex slave in her house. Her quick mention of “since 7 years ago” repeatedly partly gave her out because that revelation shows an insider account since it bears no nexus to Baba Ijesha’s confession in the video. A preemptive revelation to distance herself from Baba Ijesha’s immorality. But if she didn’t know until the day, Princess deserves a round of applause.

The court will ultimately decide but judges don’t live in the moon and law does not live in a vacumm. All leads must be examined to help the government, police and prosecuting lawyers get justice for the poor helpless girl.
If we see something, say something. Together let’s save the girl child from sexploitation


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