Ifa religion represents Africa as only indigenous faith in Rome International conference

By Samuel Ogunsona and Omolade Adegbuyi

Renowned Ifa scholar, Prof. Wande Abimbola, has represented the Yoruba Ifa in an international conference slated for Rome.

Ifa is the only Africa indigenous faith listed at the world religion peace meeting in Vatican, Rome.

The 91-year old Professor of Yoruba language and literature was seen blessing other religion leaders at the event invoking Ifá and Olódùmarè.

Prof. Abimbola in his speech gave some recitation of Ifa, oracle of the Yoruba culture while also praying for global peace among others.

Ifa is an important part of the Yoruba culture which plays crucial role in identifying and solving problems that may be embedded in a cloudy future.

According to traditional belief, Ifá is associated with Orunmila, who is one of the orisha spirits central to Yoruba religion. The oracular literary body is made up of 256 volumes (signs) that are divided into two categories, the first called Ojú Odù or main Odù that consists of 16 chapters.

The second category is composed of 240 chapters called Amúlù Odù (omoluos), these are composed through the combination of the main Odù.

Professor Wande Abimbola is President and Founder of Ifa Heritage Institute who had once served as the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) between 1982-1989.

However, From 1992-1993, he was Senate Majority Leader of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and also served as Special Adviser on Cultural Affairs and Traditional Matters to the President of Nigeria from 2003-2005.

Prof. Wande Abimbola was installed as Awise Awo ni Agbaye (Spokesperson of Ifa in the Whole World) in 1981 by the Ooni of Ife on the recommendation of a conclave of West African Babalawos.

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