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Igbo soldiers in US armed forces call for Nnamdi Kanu’s release

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu and Abiola Oke

Igbos who had served in the United States armed forces and those retired, have called for the release of Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, (IPOB) leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

Under the canopy of American Military Veterans of Igbo Descent (AVID), the group asked the Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma to help lobby for the release of Kanu.

Kanu was in London. His trip to Kenya landed him in trouble. The Government of former President Mohammadu Buhari arrested and brought him to face trial in Nigeria. Kanu had made reckless statements including urging his men to kill the current President of Nigeria, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu in radio broadcasts during the ENDSARs riots.

In a statement issued by its President, Dr. Sylvester Onyia, which was made available to journalists the association said its members are Igbos who had served in the US armed forces and those that are currently serving.

But the Imo State Government has dismissed the veterans accusations saying they lack touch with reality at the home front.

The group described itself as Igbo that “have served honourably in the United States Armed Forces”

It said the Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodinma, has a role to play in securing the freedom for the IPOB leader.

AVID has its office located at Jacksonville, Florida 32238, USA.

The group said it is in possession of information that Uzodinma was engaged in “sinister, clandestine manoeuvres to keep Kanu in endless detention.”

AVID said “We, therefore, request that Your Excellency returns the Igbo spirit of ‘Onye Aghana Nwanne Ya(be your brother’s keeper)’, and work toward peace in Igbo land.”

It said it was less concerned on the methods Uzodinma would use to secure Kanu’s release saying the method “is not material to us provided there is a return to peace and tranquility in Igbo Land.”

AVID said it hoped “would have a change of heart and work towards peace in Igbo land,” adding that “a stich in time saves nine.”

The group said “We have observed with alarming shock the level of disdain and inglorious actions you exhibit against the people of Igbo descents since you became the governor in 2019, hence our collective decision to write you this open letter.”

It said the wave of wanton killings and loss of lives in Imo State is really astronomical and calls for concern, that “it is never too late to return peace to Imo State.”

The group said a Niger Delta militant was invited to cause havoc in Imo State under the guise of Ebubeagu security.

This claim is however difficult to establish.

But the Chief Press Secretary to the Imo State Governor, Mr. Obike Nwachukwu, said the veterans “have long lost touch with the reality back home.

He said “The allegations are totally false, baseless, thoughtless and senseless,” he said, adding that “their view on both issues raised here is rubbish and lacks merit.”

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