Kidnappers Seize 13 Year Old In Ogun, Demand N50m


Kidnappers seize 13 year old in Ogun, demand N50m

By Kunle Abioro

Armed men dressed in military uniforms have kidnapped a child in Ogun State.

The armed men suspected to be herdsmen seized the 13 year old Gbolahan Ajibola after shooting to scare passers by.

The incidence took place at Destiny Estate, in Obada Oko, Ewekoro, a city noted for its cement factories located in Ogun State

“They were dressed in military uniforms. They were about six of them. They were armed with AK 47. They shot into the air to scare residents. People ran away. The little boy who could not run was kidnapped and taken away” Alhaji Sumonu Are, who witnessed the scene told Irohinoodua.

He said the armed herdsmen appeared to have targeted children.

“It was as if they focused on kidnapping children. There were three children playing together in the area. They came in military uniforms. The children ran away but they managed to seize one of them. From their intonation they were undoubtedly herdsmen” Are said.

He noted that the kidnappers also spoke to parents of the little boy on phone and demanded for 50m ransom.”

He said further ” How do they expect this little child to cope in the rain and in the chilly darkness of the jungle night. These acts are totally opposed to Yoruba civilisations. We have respect for children.”

He said since the sacking of thousands of Yewa residents in Ogun State, the terrorists have established a terror home in Yewa from where they send kidnappers to every part of Ogun State to commit havoc.” He said the kidnappers have now graduated from kidnapping people in the bush to invading private estates.

A source said the police have deployed intelligence operatives to track down the kidnappers.


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