Late Gen Olubunmi Irefin: Kinsmen Suspect Foulplay, Doubt Army’s COVID 19 Claim


Late Gen Olubunmi Irefin: Kinsmen suspect foulplay, doubt Army’s COVID 19 claim

Oluniyi Oladele

Kinsmen of late Gen.Olubunmi Irefin are doubting claims that their son died of COVID-19.

The community has raised questions saying it is not convinced that Gen Irefim died of the pandemic.

The Traditional Council Ayetoro-Gbedde Development Association/Ayetoro-Gbedde an historic Yoruba settlement in Kogi State in a statement made available to Irohinoodua said they suspect foulplay in the General’s death

The statement on behalf of Olu of Ayetoro Gbede, Oba D.S Ehindero, the Ayetoro Development Association and Ayetoro Gbede Traditional Council made available to Irohinoodua expressed deep sorrow over the sudden death of General Olubunmi Irefin which occurred on the 10th December, 2020.

“Not until convincing answers are provided by the military authority for the above questions, the Ayetoro-Gbede community will not be happy with the military establishment over the reason they claimed was responsible for the death of our son, General Olu Irefin” the community said.

The community said “According to Shakespeare,
“Death, is a necessary end, will come when it will come “. The sequence of events before the death of General Irefin and the main cause of his sudden death as propounded by the military authorities, which they claimed is Covid-19 made the highest decision making organs of the Ayetoro Gbede community namely, Ayetoro-Gbede Traditional Council and Ayetoro-Gbede Development Association to interrogate the main cause of his death as propounded by the military.”

The military said it should not be forgotten that General Olubunmi Irefin was in Ayetoro-Gbede two weeks ago for the burial ceremony of his late mother. During the brief period of his stay at home, he was full of life, and, observers of will agree that every movement of his, was with military precision. Suddenly, a signal came to him from Abuja to attend Chief of Army Staff Conference which started last Monday (7th December, 2020).

“We did not hear of his illness until the sad news came to us yesterday, 10th December, 2020 that the General died of Covid -19; and the the sudden rush for his burial tomorrow 12th December, 2020.”

The community said they are not happy with the military establishment over the reason it claimed was responsible for the death if General Olubunmi Irefin.

Its raised questions
saying the incubation period of Covid-19 is two weeks after which the victim will start to show symptoms like high fever, severe headache etc, is that the case for late General Olubunmi Irefin?

They said even if the symptoms mentioned above manifested in the General, does it also kills it victim instantly?

“At the advance age of 80 years, the former Chief of Staff to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, late Abba Kyari, battled Covid -19 for weeks before he died. Common logic should tell us that General Irefin at a younger age, even if it is true that he contacted Covid -19 should be able to battle it for longer period of time”, the community stated.

They argued that except there is Covid-20 “which we doubt, Covid-19 does not kill it victims in three days.”

The community said further “Why the sudden haste in the burial of the General by the military authority?”


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