“Mallams promise me N750m to capture Middle Belt states”


“Mallams promise me 750m to capture Middle Belt states”

Benue man, Gana spoke before murder

An interview granted by Terwase Akwaza the notorious Benue State born gang leader has indicated that some prominent figures offered him the sum of N750m naira to help them militarily take over key middle belt states.

The interview conducted by Channels TV indicated that Gana had negotiated for 1billion but the people he called ‘Mallams’ agreed to give him 750million naira.

Gana said “They want to capture about four states which are Plateau, Taraba, Benue and Nasarawa. Those Mallam said they have people who sponsor the fight for each state, one of them called me and to capture Taraba state, I requested for N1billion and they said it’s too much that they will give me 50million. I rejected the 50million because it’s not enough.  We have many security in Taraba state so the money won’t be enough for the fight. I asked for 750million. They gave me 350million but I rejected the money because it won’t be enough.”

The Gana interview has raised fresh dust about the prospect of powerful and influential individuals or groups that appear to be behind the violence across the country.

‘The Gana interview has exposed a lot. It’s a clear indication that fighting Boko Haram and all the so called terrorists groups goes beyond the imagination of many Nigerians. It appears there are very powerful people in and out of government that have a hidden agenda in Nigeria. It looks like the agenda to conquer and subdue others,” President, Southern, Middle Belt and Northern Minorities Forum, (SMBNMF) Mr Sidney Imohbio told Irohinoodua on Friday.


Channels reported that the wanted militia leader Terwase Akwaza, popularly known as Ghana, has not been killed by the police, contrary to reports that he has met his doom, the Benue State Police Command said on Thursday.

Gana was murdered by soldiers on his way to meet the Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom. The soldiers claimed he was killed in a shootout but that has been challenged by other witnesses who said he was dragged from the convoy and shot dead. The Commissioner of Police in Benue State, Bashir Makama, told Channels Television that Akwaza escaped from the police team when his gang spotted the team and opened fire


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