N100 Billion For Youth Empowerment Will Remake Nigeria


N100 billion for Youth Empowerment will remake Nigeria

By Akib Abiola

This is a follow up to the video that I dropped yesterday concerning the EndSars agitation.

Many people have contacted me and asked why was the Army not included in my proposal for the police. I meant to include the army and all our security services officers. Their minimum wage should be 250,000 Naira per month with interest free home loans.

Night club Bouncers, security guards should not be earning more money than our security officers.

These incentives and higher salaries would motivate our police officers and their counterparts in other security sectors. It would boost their morale and discourage them from engaging in unruly behaviors.

Also, as part of the police reform, our police officers must be mandated to wear body camera to record their every action and the public must be encouraged to video any officer seeing undermining the integrity of the force and the video sent to the police headquarters and shared on social media.

Also the minimum wage for the youths should be at least 100,000 Naira a month and not the current 18,000 Naira. We must be willing to pay our youths a living wage and not tokens.

And the minimum loan for the youth business empowerment program for each recipient should be one million Naira and the maximum of 5 million Naira.

We must not insult our youths with 10,000 to 20,000 Naira loan like the Tradermoni.

Many people have asked me where would the money for these programs come from.

Currently Nigeria has about $40 billion dollars in reserves, we can take $20 billion from it to empower our youths and make Nigeria great.

Also, we can redirect the security money and constituency money directly to the youths through the youth local government offices.

We can raise money for the Youth Empowerment Fund through direct contribution by Nigerian businesses, corporations, business owners and Nigerians in Diaspora.

Finally we can go after Nigerian looted funds abroad. Based on UN and the US State Department reports, there is about $400 billion looted Nigerians loots scattered outside the country around the world.

The Nigerian youths have demonstrated in the last few weeks that they are not lazy, they are transparent and accountable. They showed discipline and maturity in the way they conducted themselves.

They even went and cleaned up the areas where their members were killed. One day we would erect a memorial monument with the names of those heroes who were killed enshrined on the monument.

These youths have shown to the world that they are the future that the world is yearning for Nigeria.

For those who will like to know about me, I led the ten Nigerians who took over the Nigerian Embassy in Washington DC in 1993 in order to bring international awareness to the June 12 annulment.

I also orchestrated the first ever U.S Congressional Hearing on Nigeria in 1993.


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