Newsbreak: Ekiti Obas reject Ranching, writes Fayemi


Newsbreak: Ekiti Obas reject Ranching, writes Fayemi

By Kunle Alabi

Some 81 traditional rulers have ruled out plans by the Ekiti State Government to cede any inch of land for livestock or ranching in Ekiti State

The Obas under the aegis of Majority Oba of Ekiti State warned that any attempt to concede to ranching in any part of Ekiti State will undermine the fears and aspirations of Ekiti people

There are 131 communities in Ekiti state with at least 100 traditional rulers.

The letter to the Ekiti State Governor rejecting ranching or land for livestock was signed by 81 traditional rulers in the state.

Tagged Rejection of the proposed Federal Government’s Livestock’ in Ekiti State by Majority Obas of Ekitiland’ the traditional rulers said the government should listen to the hues and cries of the people.

The letter made available to Irohinoodua read “Further to the media report of 14th March, 2021 or thereabout in some news media on the above Federal Government’s Scheme, the Majority Obas of Ekiti Land (MOBEL) vehemently oppose the surrendering/acquisition of our land to be used as grazing reserve for herdsmen under the proposed National Livestock Programme.”

The Obas said they are mindful of the security implications and consequences which will be inimical to the security of our people, kwoning fully well that majority of our populace are predominantly peaasant farmers.

“We are also not unmindful of the antecedents of some of the Fulani herders, whereever they co-habit with their hosts.
Since the time it was reported that Ekiti State is favourably disposed to the proposed programme which will lead to direct occupation of our lands by Fulani herders, we have been inundated with series of complaints laden with fears from our subjects both from home and in diaspora”

The Obas said further “In view of the foregoing, it is the decision of the Majority Obas of Ekiti Land (MOBEL) on behalf of our subjects at home and in diaspora hereby declare that this proposed programme which we perceive to be another nomenclature for Rural Grazing Area (RUGA)-the widely rejected land grabbing initiative is unacceptable to our subjects.”

The list of Obas that signed the statement are:

1. The Olomuoke of Omuoke Ekiti (Chairman)
2. The Onikun Amure of Ikun Amure Ekiti (Secretary)
3. The Olupoti of Ipoti Ekiti (1st Vice Chairman)
4. The Olohan of Erijiyan Ekiti (2nd Vice Chairman)
5. The Alayetoro of Ayetoro Ekiti
6. The Olowa of Odo owa Ekiti
7. The Alasa of Ilasa Ekiti
8. The Alafon of Ilafon Ekiti
9. The Olugbole of Igbole Ekiti
10. The Onigogo of Igogo Ekiti
11. The Obaloke of Igbona Ekiti
12. The Olosan of Osan Ekiti
13. The Onise of Odo Oro Ekiti
14. The Elesun of Esun Ekiti
15. The Olora of Oke Ora Ekiti
16. The Onikoyi of Ikoyi Ekiti
17. The Elesure of esure Ekiti
18. The Amuro of Temidire Ekiti, Ikole LGA
19. The Onipere of Ipere Ekiti
20.The Olusi of Usi Ekiti
21.Ojurin of Ijurin Ekiti
22.The Oniropora of Iropora Ekiti
23.Alawo of Awo Ekiti
24.Alayegunle of Ayegunle Ekiti
25.Oluroye of Iroko Ekiti
26.The Obaloja of Oloje Ekiti
27.The Alasin of Asin Ekiti
28. The Obalogun of Ilogun Ekiti
29. The Onikun of Temidire, Ijero LGA
30. The Elekota of Kota Ekiti
31. The Olorun of Orun Ekiti
32. The Eleyio of Eyio Ekiti
33. The Olowuro of Orun Ekiti
34. The Alara of Ara Ekiti, Ijero LGA

35. The Apeju of Ilupeju Ekiti
36. The Owatapa of Itapa Ekiti
37. The Esa of Ira Ekiti
38. The Owa of Ilogbo Ekiti
39. The Eisalokun of Ilokuno Ekiti
40. The Oniro of Iro Ekiti
41. The Oloojebu of Oke Ijebu Ekiti
42. The Olumojo of Imojo Ekiti
43. The Owajumu of Omu Ekiti
44. The Obanikosun of Ikosun Ekiti
45. The Alafao of Afao Ekiti
46. The Olosin of Osin Ekiti
47. The Elejelu of Ijelu Ekiti
48. The Olu of Iyemero Ekiti
49. The Elepe of Epe MobaLG
50. The Owa of Osun Ekiti
52. The Owa of Odo Ayedun Ekiti
53. The Owa of Iludun Ekiti
54. The Eleri of Ikunri Ekiti
55. The Owa of Ayebode Ekiti
56. The Owa of Oke Oro Ekiti
57. The Alara of Ikole LG
58. The Alamo of Ilamo Ekiti
59. The Oloja of Araromi-Oke Ekiti(Ekiti East LG)
60. The Olu of Itapaji Ekiti
61. The Apalufin of Aisegba Ekiti
62. The Onirare of Irare Ekiti
63. The Obalemo of Odo Ora Ekiti
64 The Onikun Oba of Ikun Oba Ekiti
65. The Alaaye Oja of Aaye Oja Ekiti
66. The Olorin of Orin Odo Ekiti
67. The Elerio of Erio Ekiti
68. The Asaba of Isaba Ekiti
69. The Owa Oro of Agbado
70. The Aroniro of Iro Ekiti

71. The Ajagun of Ilumooba Ekiti
72. The Olupole of Ipole Iloro Ekiti
73. The Onirele of Irele Ekiti
74. The Obasaoye of Isaoye Ekiti
75. The Owalobo of araromi Oba Ekiti
76. The Obadu of Ilemeso Ekiti
77. The Asaya of Isaya Ekiti
78. The Alahan of Ahan Ayegunle Ekiti
79. The Oniro of Iro Ayeteju Ekiti

1. His Excellency
The Deputy Governor
Ekiti State

2. The Hon. Speaker,
Ekiti State House of Assembly

3. The Secretary to the State Government
Ekiti State

4. The Attorney General & Commissioner for Justice
Ekiti State

5. The Chairman Ekiti State Council of Obas.


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