Newsbreak: Ibori asked to return stolen 117m pounds


Newsbreak: Ibori asked to return stolen 117m pounds

By Muda Ashiru, London

Nigerian local champion and hero, James Ibori has been asked to refund another 117m British pounds he invested in various criminal enterprises in the United Kingdom, (UK).

Mr Ibori who became the Governor of Delta State in the typical Nigerian style is today a folk hero but a crook and common criminal by international standards.

Reports in London Metro obtained by Irohinoodua indicated that Ibori was a WICKES cashier but became a Nigerian governor and then ‘looted’ the people he represented. The British Court on  Friday asked him to pay back nearly £117million.

James Ibori, 62, had rigged contracts and lifted cash from public funds, helped by his wife, mistress, sister and corrupt officials, a confiscation hearing at Southwark crown court was told. He bought luxuries including a £13million jet, a £600,000 fleet of Range Rovers, a £120,000 Bentley and properties in London.

He was jailed in the UK after admitting money laundering and fraud in 2012, but later

Ibori claims he made his fortune legitimately. But he now faces paying back £116,821,955. And his mistress, Udoamaka Onuigbo — who was jailed for money laundering with his wife Theresa and sister Christine — may have to repay £2.6million.

Ibori, who appeared in court with Onuigbo via video link yesterday, moved to London in the 1980s, and worked at Wickes. After a conviction for stealing, he returned to Nigeria and scaled the government ranks to become governor of Delta State in 1999

‘Mr Ibori cheated his way into the position,’ prosecutor Jonathan Kinnear QC said. ‘He abused his position of trust by systematically looting funds.’

But Ivan Krolick, representing Ibori, said his wealth was down to being a ‘successful businessman’. Much of this report was sourced from London Metro Friday, August 28,2020


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