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Newsbreak: UNILAG, HEDA Resource Centre begin Cerificate Courses in corruption issues

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu and Adewale Ikusagba

The Univerisity of Lagos, UNILAG and Nigeria’s leading anti-corruption group, Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA Resource Centre) have launched the country’s first Cerificate Courses on corruption issues.

It is seen as the most significant form to institutionalise anti- graft campaign.

The milestone took place at the prestigious cocktail event hosted by HEDA Resource Centre and the University of Lagos
on Thursday evening.

The two institutions announced Certificate Courses in Corruption would be for students from Nigeria and across the world.

Nigeria has faced corruption issues which continues to push the country into red light district of global reckoning.

Nigeria loses billions of cash to corruption every year leading to poverty and human misery.

HEDA Resource Centre for more than two decades has been in the forefront of the vigorous campaign against corruption in Nigeria and globally.

HEDA’s risky campaign in Africa’s largest democracy has earned the organisation global fame but also threats of death to the group’s leading official.

The Chairman, Mr Olanrewaju Suraju has been targeted several by rulers of corruption on one occasion escaping assassination. But such has fueled more passion and determination.

“We are filled with the air of achievement and determination fulfilled” one official of HEDA said at the UNILAG event

The event was to cap HEDA’s more than 20 years of marching through the blade edge of anti-corruption campaign in a country where graft is well pronounced and corruption defended by cruel forces

HEDA said the academic Courses on corruption will lead to extensive training of students on the causes, form and content of corruption and how state and non state actors should tackle the menace.

Certificates will be awarded following intensive academic years of training and education focusing on corruption and the danger it poses to regional and global stability.

Experts already describe the initiative as the most significant intervention is sustainable anti-corruption campaign framework never before seen in any part of Africa.

The Executive Secretary,HEDA Resource Centre Mr Sulaimon Arigbabu said the programme will produce experts on corruption issues and enrich the human resouce base in Nigeria’s battle against an outstanding social ill that has stunted the growth and prosperity of the country.

The capacity filled event had in attendance the representative of the Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC), Mr. Ola Olukayode,
Executive Director,Women Advocates Research and Documentation Center, WARD-C,
Senior Lecturer at the University of Lagos Prof Muhammed among many others.

Mr. Arigbabu who made the historic announcement said HEDA and UNILAG have worked out details of the Diploma Certified program designed to tackle corruption head-on.

He said “Nigeria’s challenge lies in the grip of corruption and impunity, a duo that breeds a monstrous society,” calling for urgent action.

Arigbabu lamented the passive stance of citizens towards combating corruption, attributing it to a lack of awareness and know-how.

He said the partnership between HEDA and UNILAG seeks to bridge this gap by raising awareness and empowering individuals to actively engage in the fight against corruption.

Dr. Abiola Afolabi echoed this position.
She wondered why corruption remains such a formidable foe. She stressed the importance of making the fight against corruption a national priority, underscoring the role of education in promoting a culture of integrity.

The Diploma Program, meticulously crafted, comprises three modules: Good Governance, Anti-corruption Strategies, and Combating illicit Financial flows.

The cerrificate is open to individuals with O’Level qualifications.

Each module will be priced at one hundred thousand naira. Completion of two modules culminates in the attainment of a professional course certificate.

Detailed information about the Diploma Program will be accessible on both HEDA and UNILAG’s official websites, ensuring widespread access and participation.

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