Newsbreak: Wagner Chief storms Mali amidst ECOWAS new sanctions against Niger

By Aliu Musa, for Irohinoodua in Katsina

Wagner chief, Yevgeny Prigozhin, was sighted in Bamako, the capital of Mali on Monday in his first visit to West Africa since the coup in nearby Niger.

In a video seen by Irohinoodua, the Wagner chief said he was in Mali to contribute to efforts to free Africa from the fetters of Western domination.

Niger, Burkina Faso and Guinea have lately kicked out France, the colonial lord that many in those countries believe have stunted their economic growth through exploitation fueled by imperialism.

In the video, posted on Telegram the Wagner Chief speaks of making Russia a greater nation than before while building fresh alliances across Africa.

The presence of Wagner has excited many young Africans who believe the movement has now posed huge challenge to their exploitative local leaders often prompted and supported by their former colonial tormentors.

“The temperature is +50 – everything as we like. The Wagner PMC (private military company) makes Russia even greater on all continents, and Africa – more free,” Prigozhin says in the video.

Wagner is believed to be present in Mali, Burkina Faso and Central African Republic.

While the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS have asked the new military leader, Abdulrahamoun Tchiani to hand over power to civilian government, he on the other hand has promised transition to democracy in three years.

Speaking further, Wagner said “Justice and happiness – for the African people, we’re making life a nightmare for ISIS and al Qaeda and other bandits,” he says.

He said Wagner is currently recruiting fighters adding that the group “will fulfil the tasks that were set”.

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