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Niger coup leaders cut water, electricity suppy to French embassy in Niamey

By Samuel Ogunsona

Niger military leaders have put a stop to the supply of water, food and electricity to the French Embassy and its consulate in Niamey.

The action came few days after the military leaders gave the French Ambassador, Sylvain Itte, 48 hours ultimatum to leave the country.

Part of the French consulate in Niger which includes Zinder, Tera, Oualam, Ayorou, Dosso and Filingue will also be affected by the power and water cut.

According to the President of the National Support Committee for the CNSP, Issa Hassoumi Boureima, Niger has asked all suppliers of French bases in Niger to immediately stop every essential means like food, electricity and water supply.

“We ask Nigelec and SPEN (SEEN)) to cut off water and electricity in the French Embassy, in the French consulates of Zinder and Niamey,” he said.

However, Issa Hassoumi Boureima said any partners who refuses to decision will be considered as the enemy of the sovereign nation.

France launched an operation earlier this month to evacuate its citizens as well as other nationals from Niamey.

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