Nigeria does not need Military coup

By Reno Omokri

Reno replies an Obidient who is calling for a coup in Nigeria.

Dear Ifeanyi,

Thank you for your feedback. The most corrupt period in Nigeria’s history was when we were under military rule. Please research this. The biggest thief on Earth used to be former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos. However, in 2000, the late Nigerian dictator, General Sani Abacha, overthrew him as he was acknowledged to have stolen $5 billion from Nigeria. In recent years, that figure has been revised upwards.

General Abacha held that title for eight years until he was displaced in 2008 by Bernie Madoff.

I understand you and your fellow Obidients are disappointed that Peter Obi did not win the #NigerianElections2023. But that is no reason to desire a coup in Nigeria. And besides, if there is a coup, Peter Obi will not be made President by the coup plotters. Be loyal to Nigeria, not Peter Obi or your ethnic nationality.

I thought you guys said AllEyesOnTheJudiciary? Why not wait for their verdict? Besides, Peter Obi does not even claim he won the election in his petition.

Please read his petition. It is a public document. He is calling for the election to be voided and another election held in its place. He also asserts that without getting 25% of the votes cast in the Federal Capital Territory, Tinubu cannot be validly elected.

Furthermore, Peter Obi avers that the Chicago forfeiture judgment is a conviction that renders Tinubu ineligible to contest. Again, he claims that Kashim Shettima violated the Electoral Act by being the recipient of a double nomination.

Finally, he claims that failure to transmit the election’s results electronically renders it null and void.

However, Peter Obi did not claim that he won the election.

So, Philips, if Peter Obi does not claim he won the election, what is the basis of your call for a military coup in Nigeria?

Finally, since you mentioned corruption, Peter Obi is as corrupt as they come. He is listed in the Pandora Papers for corruption.

Furthermore, as Governor of Anambra, Peter saved million of dollars of Anambra state money in banks in which he had a personal interest, including Fidelity Bank, to be precise. A bank in which he had significant interests. A bank where he was a former chairman.

In a year, that money will yield at least $5 million when invested in the S&P 500 (likely more). Much of that $5 million annual yield would be Peter Obi’s PERSONAL profit. And that is every year. So, imagine how much money Peter Obi personally made in eight years as a Governor from the conflict of interest in investing state funds in his private bank. No wonder he boasted of being richer than President Biden!

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