Obaseki: We were betrayed, Tinubu reacts


Obaseki: We were betrayed, Tinubu reacts

By Lynda Osaze, Benin

Leader, All Progressives Congress, (APC) has said that the party lost the gubernatorial election in Edo State due to betrayal

In a statement made available to Irohinoodua, Tinubu said the loss of Edo election was a set back but not a total defeat.

He said “We should enjoy and take pleasure from our defeats as much as we take from our victories. The extent and length they go to see us down shows how great we are.”

Tinubu said further “Our defeats should be a lesson that we are not gods, that we are but men. That we are mortals who suffer from set backs, betrayals…”

He said “But if our fellow men see us as gods and celebrate our defeats like they’ve defeated gods, then surely we must be close to being gods. They seek schadenfreude at our shrine but we only have to give, exactly what they hate us for. Akanbi is a movement. You either believe or hate, there’s no middle ground. Progress”


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