O’odua Secret Agents Arrest Alleged FG’s Agent Trying To Fix tracker On Igboho’s Vehicle At Osogbo rally


O’odua secret agents arrest alleged FG’s agent trying to fix tracker on Igboho’s vehicle at Osogbo rally

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By Abiodun Suleiman

An man said to be working for the Nigerian secret service was on Saturday arrested for attempting to place a small electronic chip on Chief Sunday Adeyemo’s ( Igboho) car.

The operative Seun Olayinka was arrested by what organisers of the rally described as O’odua Secret Service, (OSS)

Irohinoodua could not confirm if the agent works for any of the Nigerian secret services.

The man however confessed that he was a secret agent of the Nigerian government sent to install a tracker on Igboho’s private car.

The Nigerian authorities have different secret services, the DSS, Nigerian Intelligence Agency, (NIA), Directorate of Military Intelligence, (DMI) while the Police, Navy and Airforce also have their own intelligence agencies.

Chied Sanusi Olakunle, A member of Apapo Oodua7 Koya, (AOKOYA) at the rally said the DSS operative was sported by eagle eyed operatives of OSS.

Chief Igboho had stormed the Osogbo rally with hundreds of his supporters who took the city by storm. They marched through the city and later converged at Mandela Park where Igboho addressed thousands of his supporters.

Members of Oodua Peoples Congress, (OPC), O’odua Liberation Movement, (OLM) Agbekoya were all at the rally. The chief host was Ilana Omo O’odua led by Prof Adebanji Akintoye

“He wanted to place a tracker on Igboho’s car. Already, some 300 meters away, we have a device that covered the entire radius. We had strategic targets and Igboho’s car was one of them. Our operarives noted a strange movement around the car. We pinned the focus on him. He brought out the chip and wanted to install on the car. We alerted the organisers of the rally who tracked him and arrested him. The man said he was working for the Federal Government, ” Olakunle said.

According to him, the device will enable to Nigerian authorities to track Igboho to know his movement. It can also record all conversations in the car while giving his monitors the advantage of knowing where he would be at any particular time

Olakunle said some of the devices are sometimes provided with explosives.

“We are not sure if this particular device is improvised with explosives. If that is the case, it means it could be detonate while the car is on high speed. If that happens people will think it was an accident not knowing it was planned” he said.


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