Qatar’s ambitious 500,000 housing units in Kaduna exposes Nigerias poor leadership

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

Qatar a country of less than three million people, half the population of Ondo State has started a 500,000 housing units in Kaduna the North Central Nigerian State.

The intervention of Qatar, a small Middle East country, is seen by many observers as a huge embarrassment to Nigeria.

Since 1999 the combined housing efforts of States and Federal Government in Nigeria is short of 200,000 units.

An official of the Nigerian Human Rights Community,(NIRCO) Taiwo Adeleye, in a chat with Irohinoodua said the initiative of Qatar has exposed the Nigerian Political Bankruptcy.

The Kaduna State Governor, Uba Sani expressed his sincere appreciation to the Embassy of Qatar and the Qatari-owned Sanabil project for their remarkable dedication in establishing a grand economic city along with a vast housing estate comprising 500,000 units within the state.

The governor lauded their visionary efforts set to bring about substantial economic growth and improve housing opportunities for the people of Kaduna State.

At the groundbreaking event held at Millennium City, Sani said “The Economic City will establish world-class infrastructure, positioning Kaduna as a benchmark for contemporary affordable living. It will offer a secure environment and a conducive atmosphere for thriving business activities.”

The Chief Press Secretary, Mohammed Shehu Lawal said the city’s purpose extends to fostering international trade while also providing a supportive environment for local entrepreneurs and traders to thrive.

He said “Within this dynamic economic city, provisions will be made for the less privileged, encompassing residences for the disadvantaged, clinics, shops, poultry farms, and farmlands catering to both rainy season and irrigation agriculture.”

Qatar, an Arab country situated on a peninsula, features an arid desert landscape along with an extensive coastline along the Persian Gulf, adorned with beaches and dunes. According to Worldometer’s analysis of the latest United Nations data, the current population of Qatar stands at 2,716,391 individuals. Notably, over the past four years, Qatar has displayed remarkable economic growth, as evidenced by its GDP growth rates, 3.56% in 2020, followed by a rebound of 1.59% in 2021, a substantial surge of 4.24% in 2022, and a continued growth of 2.24% projected for 2023.

Governor Sani underscored the deep significance of the housing project, highlighting its substantial role in providing shelter for the impoverished, underserved, and vulnerable communities within Kaduna State.

During his speech, Qatari Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Ali Bin Ghanem Al-Hajri, praised the governor for his unwavering support and collaborative efforts that have contributed to the project’s success.

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