Sowore’s daughter, Ayomide, welcomes dad with poem after five-year isolation

A King: a Hero: a dad

By Ayomide Sowore

He travels like a bird
With wings that take him far But his feathers fall everywhere And settle like a scar
When he lands he’s worshipped
A king upon a throne
But they don’t know the consequence For he doesn’t let it show
His children miss him dearly Those feathers which he dropped Heartbeat, heartbeats all over Heartbroken he is naught
A brick atop a ceiling
A drop outside a glass
We know outside he means something But when is his entrance?

August 3, 2019
The day we saw him last Though far across the water His freedom was still cast
Myself upon a couch
My Brother sprawled on chair
My Mother’s words reached high-pitched points Now finally aware
I imagined it with handcuffs Peaceful from respect
A man who fought for his people Not needing to object
And then I saw the truth An act of tyranny
A look into the harsh abuse

Now everyone would see …
His laugh came with an accent
His heritage so clear
We loved the way he said his words The way he wore his hair
We poked fun at him often For things a father has
His funny, big round tummy His passion for bad dance
He gave the greatest hugs
A man with a big heart
That beat for everyone he knew — I’ve known him less apart
I hope once more I’ll see him
That his wings land him home
His crown thorns grow unbearable His window dew drops foam

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