Stay home in Easter- Pastor Mike  Bamiloye tells Christians


Stay home in Easter- Pastor Mike  Bamiloye tells Christians

By Molade Adegbuyi

Says “I used to drink Alcohol, had a rough childhood”

Famous Christian leader Mike Bamiloye, has called on Christians to obey instructions to stay at home during the Easter period saying that the order is in line with the wish of God. He said the coming Easter is not an excuse for Christians to break the lockdown rule adding that the directives of the State and Federal Governments were made for the security of lives of Nigerians. He spoke this morning in a TV interview monitored by Irohinoodua.

The Founder, Mount Zion Drama Ministry who is renowned  for his diligent, uprightness and Christian movies which he had used to invoke Christian moral standards said COVID-19 was a sign of the rapture indicating man’s abuse of nature and the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ. Bamiloye advised Christians to pray at home until the plague is over. “There is nothing wrong to pray in your house. The instruction to stay at home will protect human lives.” He urged Nigerians to learn from what is going on in Europe and the United States saying that lockdown in those countries have helped then to deal with the pandemic.

When asked COVID-19 pandemic will make more people draw away from God and Pastors, Bamiloye said rather the global experience will strengthen the faith of many people in God. He said in the post-COVID-19 era, more people will be compelled to seek God’s favour.

Bamiloye reflected on his background saying that he had a very tough  upbringing having lost his mum when he was four years and the difficulty of coping with an absentee father.

When asked if he ever took alcohol, Bamiloye said he ‘did all those things” before he found God at the age of 25. “I had a rough background before I found Christ” Bamiloye said.

“My upbringing was very bad. Mum died when I was four years old. My Dad was not with me. I was introduced to different types of bad life until I met Jesus when I was 25 years old. It was through the help of the Holy Spirit. All our children are made to grow up in the Christian ways.”

Speaking on his family ties,  he said himself and wife are not immune from mutual disagreements but that both often resolve their differences through mutual understanding after “submission either from my side or from her side.” Such disagreements, he said are not common. He described his wife as an asset that has continued to strengthen his life and Ministry.

He said “My wife is a great and fantastic person. I find her in a rehearsal. She is a script writer. She is playing a great role in bringing up our Children.”

She said her films are designed to promote family values and improve the relationship between man and God.

“My films are about homes and marriage. Our movies are not about scaring people.” Ayamatanga (I am at anger) for instance are not done to traumatize people.”

He said his ministry has produced more than 5000 students saying it gives him “great joy.”


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