Telecoms restored partial services after marine cable disruption

By Ologeh Joseph Chibu

Telecommunication services in Nigeria have begun to recover after a disruption that occurred on March 14, 2024.

It affected both voice and data services. The disruption was attributed to cuts in undersea fibre optic cables along the coasts of Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal.

The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has reported that services have now been partially restored, reaching approximately 90 percent of their peak utilization capacities. Operators impacted by the cuts have leveraged recovery capacity from unaffected submarine cables, enabling the restoration of services to a significant extent.

In a statement, the NCC emphasized that Mobile Network Operators have taken measures to ensure that data and voice services operate optimally despite the ongoing repairs of the undersea cables. Alternative connectivity solutions have been activated to normalize the situation.

“We extend our appreciation to telecom consumers for their patience and understanding during the downtime caused by the undersea fibre cuts,” stated the NCC.

While efforts continue to fully repair the damaged undersea cables, telecommunications companies are working diligently to maintain service quality and minimize disruptions for users across the country.

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