Thousands rally for Oodua Republic in Ibadan


Thousands rally for Oodua Republic in Ibadan

By Dare Odekunle

Thousands of people today in Ibadan attended a rally calling for Oduduwa Republic

The rally was held at Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

Hundreds of women clad in white traditional dresses graced the even amidst shouts of “Oodua Republic Now”

Earlier, similar rallies were held in Sagamu, Ogun State and in Akure, the Ondo State capital on Friday. There were reports of arrests in Sagamu.

“We are here to register the beginning of greater things to come. This is a first step to tell the whole world that Yoruba people are determined to have Oodua Republic. It is no longer whether it is possible, the issue is when” Adekunle Adesokan the President, Federation for Yoruba Consciousness and Culture, (FYCC) told the gathering attended by Irohinoodua reporter

The protesters waved the Yoruba flag.

An official of Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) Mr Ajibade Nurudeen Alao told Irohinoodua that the rally will be a continuous exercise.

He said his group is reaching out to many countries across Africa for “understanding and support.” He said armed terrorists pose threats to all indigenous peoples in West Africa asking all to unite against the scourge.

“AOKOYA is glad to see what is going on. Our people are ready. This is not about state Governors or Senators who are profiting from the rot, it is about the people, their iron cast determination to put an end to misery and long lasting suffering represented by the Nigerian state.

He said the South West is surrounded by armed Fulani men. “Can a Yoruba group go to Kano or Kaduna to kidnap Emir and even kill and Emir? Can a Yoruba man visit Kano and Bauchi to main, rape their housewives and send their farmers away from farms? This is the Yoruba situation. We are encircled and the desire is to take over our land as part of the continuation of the Jihad that began in 1804” he told the gathering.



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