Thousands Troop Out for Oodua Nation Rally In Abeokuta, Police Arrest 10


Thousands troop out for Oodua Nation rally in Abeokuta, Police arrest 10

By Kabir Alabi

Thousands of people today in Abeokuta staged a rally calling for the actualisation of Oduduwa Republic

The protesters marched across Abeokuta major streets singing solidarity songs

Our correspondent observed thousands of the protesters, some dressed in white attire holding flags of Yoruba Nation

Irohinoodua confirmed that police arrested 10 protesters

‘We are here to tell the whole world that Nigeria is no more our country. We are Yoruba people. We want our own sovereign nation. Time is running out” Adisa Olowu a member of Oodua Liberation Movement, (OLM) who took part in the rally told our correspondent.

He said the 2023 election is meant to deceive and delude the people

“There is no hope in Nigeria. We have given this country opportunity for over 100 years. The results have been misery, death, pains and pangs. We want to determine our political and economic affairs’ he said.

The men and women, young and old visited the Alake’s palace where they registered their protest.

Some of the placards read “Fatherland or Death”, “Its time for Oduduwa Republic”

“Nigeria is Dead”. The organisers said the rallies will continue across the South West States until their demands are met.

Police authorities had warned agitators to desist from organising the rally but the leader of Ilana Omo O’odua, Professor Adebanji Akintoye had said that rallies for Yoruba self determination are legal. He said the rallies would continue in a peaceful way to press home their demand for Oodua Republic.


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