Understanding the Spirituality of The YORUBA

By Mogaji Gboyega Adejumo

The Spirituality of The Yorùbá is to be appreciated in the Mysterious, Tremendous yet Fascinating ambiguity, in the profoundly dialectical understanding of the Creator and Creation…

Ifá say, èjì, èjì ni mo gbè, èmi ò gbé ọ̀kan ṣoṣo mọ́ ó!

The binary nature of EVERYTHING, which still Eludes many other Spiritual Entities in the understanding of Existentialism.

When the Christians need a reference point to advance their own concept of Existentialism, they consult The Bible.

Likewise, when the Muslims are wont to affirm their faith, they consult The Q’uran.

For those in the Ìṣẹ̀ṣé Communion, to affirm to the Deep and Intense Devotion to their own Spirituality, they consult Ifá!
The esoteric nature of Ifá is Compelling — Ifá is not a Religion, yet it contains Religion — Ifá is not science, yet it contains Science — Ifá is not mathematics, yet it contains Mathematics — Ifá is not philosophy, yet it contains Philosophy!

Ìṣẹ̀ṣé is a compendium of all of these attributes of Ifá. Ìṣẹ̀ṣé is the Creator’s revelation through ifá to direct Creation, Spiritually in all ways of Life!
Ìṣẹ̀ṣé is therefore a collective.
Àdájṣe ní í hun’mọ; Ìbà ò gbọdọ̀ hun ènìyàn —
Individualism destroys; collectively we strive and survive, together.

In all of the Twenty Nine ethnic varieties making up the totality of the Yorùbá nationality, never in history has it been recorded that strife, war, hostility among the various ethnicities have occurred through any form of the Yorùbá spiritual belief systems…. Rather, what has bounded the Yorùbá together for thousands of years hãa Been the Common Good that ìṣẹ̀șė has wrought upon the Yorùbá.
And, neither has it been recorded anywhere that in all the wars fought by the Yorùbá in the building of the Ọ̀yọ́/Yorùbá Empire, which lasted for 650 years, that the cause of such numerous wars and conflicts were caused by the Yorùbá wanting to forcefully impose their own spiritually on others. Ìṣẹ̀ṣé, is therefore devoid of animosity of any kind towards those who do not share their own belief system with Ìṣẹ̀ṣé!

Ìṣẹ̀ṣé làgbà!

A little impactment, perhaps a metaphorical expression, a parable, if you will, to expatiate further on ìṣẹ̀șė is what I bring to you in the sacred words of Olódùmarè. Please take a listen:
Níní kò tó fífún;
Fífún kò tó gbígbà!
Adífá fún Tètèrègún etí odò,
Tí ó fi ń pọn omi ọrọ̀

To have and possess is of a lesser value, if no one is giving….
To give though desirable becomes useless, if you have no one to accept your kind gesture….
Such is the reason why Ifá was consulted for Tètèrègún, the river friendly shrub, that sheds back to the river, part of the richness of its own Essence, water, even though it realises the Olókùn, the owner of the river might be self sufficient in its own quantum in the abundance of flowing waters and all of that the the Olókùn owns, Including Wealth!

This is a Deep and Intense message that Olódùmarè, The Creator has impacted on all of us…
It didn’t matter in the least, that we might think someone is so self sufficient; as long as we derive reasons of our own existence to such entities, it is pertinent to also give back.
The very reason that Tètèrègún’s leaves and stalk are ever so lush and Green all year round is because, though it derives a lot of water from the river, it does Not just retain such, but also passes some, back to the River and thus showing appreciation to Olókùn the River god/goddess!

Even in the very dry season when the volume of water is ever so low, Tètèrègún is ever lush and Green, and at the slightest press, the leaves and stalk ooze out water….And through its roots it sheds some back into the River…

Olódùmarè through Ifá, says to us to always give back to where we derive our sources of Life giving support, it didn’t matter if such a source is seen as self sustaining – Still give back, even if is a little….

The metaphorical tale is only a glimpse into the Spirituality embedded in ìṣẹ̀șė. Nothing Diabolical; only Dialectical.
Ire Olókun, ire ọlọsà.
Ire àbùùbùtán, ire àbùdí, ire bàm̀bà.
Àbùdí ni ti Olókun.
A ki i ridìí Olókun.
A ki i ridìí Ọlósà
A ki i ridìí omo onígèdègédé.
Ọmọ aráyé ò ní í rí ìdí àwa o.

The blessings of Olókun and the blessings of Ọlọ́sà
Limitless blessing, endless blessings, voluminous blessings
Endless is the blessing of Olókùn.
None has seen the end of Olókùn.
None has seen the secret of Ọlọ́sà
None has seen the secret of Ọmọ Onígèdègédé;
May nobody see our secret.

À bọrú, à bọ yè oo.. !

This is a Brilliant artwork, depicting Olókùn in his/her Splendor…

It is not to theknowledge of all that Olókùn is actually Androgenous….

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