United Arab Emirate copied Nigerian Constitution, says Court of Appeal Justice Oyewole


United Arab Emirate copied Nigerian Constitution, says Court of Appeal Judge, Oyewole

—“University VCs used to join queue behind students to eat at the cafeteria”

By Aisha Abass and Omolade Adegbuyi

A notable Judge of the Court of Appeal Judge, Justice Olubunmi Oyewole said on Thursday that his visit to the United Arab Emirate, (UAE) indicated that the Middle East country actually copied her laws for the Nigerian constitution indicating that are many aspects of Nigerian laws worthy of emulation by other countries across the world.

He said the UAE has been able to model her constitution extracted from Nigerian laws in defense of justice and public good and has strengthened the country to develop and prosper her economy.

Justice Oyewole who spoke  on the topic “Recognition and Celebration of Exemplary Performances for the Promotion of Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Service Delivery” at the 3rd Chief Gani Fawehinmi award  organized by foremost anti-corruption group, Human and Environmental Development Agenda, (HEDA Resource Centre) in Lagos urged Nigerians to speak positive of the country and work diligently to make her a great country. “Let us speak positive about our country. Where do we go if Nigeria is destroyed? Let us believe we can make the country better. Let us believe in ourselves “, Justice Oyewole stated.

He said “This annual Gani Fawehinmi Awards is another demonstration of the fecundity of the leadership of HEDA. In choosing to honour our Gani with this award, HEDA could not have made a better choice. The late Chief Ganiyu Oyesola Fawehinmi was courage personified. His entire life was permeated by this rare human virtue”


The erudite Judge said it takes courage to choose to be different. “Without courage you cannot practice any virtue consistently. We are gathered to exemplify the life of Gani Fawehinmi.  We need to ask ourselves why we recognize accountability, it is because we deserve what is good for our society.”

Speaking further on declining moral values in Nigeria, he said “We thought things were really bad. I wish today’s generation will not refer to today as good old days. We had Vice Chancellors that queue up behind students to taste our meal. VCs were teaching in classes. VCs were not surrounded by armed security operatives unlike today”, Oyewole said.

He said the respect for human rights will be better if every Nigerian plays his or her own part. Oyewole said for instance, magistrates should go and check prisons for people that ought not to be there.

“Nations are built burning the midnight oil to think about new ideas. He said it is regrettable that ninety percent of students in Nigeria who make first class  go abroad and they don’t come back. Abroad, you find people who treat Nigerians who had gone abroad for health care and their Doctors happen to be fellow Nigerians.”

Justice Oyewole said creating a better society is not the function of the Government all alone. He said the late Chief  Gani Fawehinmi did not head any government office but made everlasting impact.

“As a people, we have enormous potentials. Nigerians are resourceful. We are blessed with human resources. “ On the sacrifices made to defend Nigeria, Oyewole said “The enormous sacrifice of our uniformed patriots could be better appreciated. The nation has fought several battles including the ongoing Boko Haram insurgency in the North East. Heroes of this war are both living and deceased. We must demonstrate our appreciation in various ways. Be it in scholarships and automatic job placements for wards or in soft lines of credits to survivors.”

He said law should be deployed to improve the society. “We should deploy law as an instrument for social engineering. A unique part is chapter 2 which is non justiciable, but gives a clear duty to the government, the duty of Legislative, Executive and Judiciary that Nigeria shall be a state based on the principle of democracy and justice and that the security of people shall be the role of the government. The state shall abolish all corrupt practices.” He said Nigerians should be guided by the desire to build a country where peace and justice reign.


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