US soldiers invade Nigeria, rescue 27 year old American


US soldiers invade Nigeria, rescue 27 year old American

An American has been rescued by United States Soldiers who invades Nigerian territory to rescue a 27 year old man, Phillip Walton.

The US President Mr Donald Trump wrote on his twitter “Without suffering any casualties, the elite commandos parachuted into Nigeria and rescued Philip Walton, 27, who had been taken hostage by armed men last week, officials told Fox News.

“We had to get him before any potential trade or sale,” one U.S. official said.

Many believe the rescue operation carried out by SEAL, would boost Trump’s electoral fortunes at a critical moment

President Donald Trump tweeted out a show of support, calling the SEAL team members “brave warriors,” and saying that “our nation salutes the courageous soldiers behind the daring nighttime rescue operation.” In a separate tweet, Trump described the operation as a “big win” for the elite force.a-Additional reports from Fox News


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