We Destroyed 90 Percent Of Boko Haram, Says Chad President Idris Deby


We destroyed 90 percent of Boko Haram, says Chad President Idris Deby

Samuel Ogunsona
The President of the Republic of Chad Mr Idris Deby has said that his soldiers have destroyed about 90 percent of the terrorist group Boko Haram.
Idris Deby in a new audio-visual interview receives by Irohinoodua said the Boko Haram sect having suffered sever casualties will never dream of coming back to Chad.
He said the area where Boko Haram were driven away have been taken over by Chadian forces until Nigerian soldiers come around to occupy the territories.
He said “This place will be our zone until Nigeria send its soldiers.”
He urged his soldiers to hold on to the occupied area pending the time Nigerian soldiers would arrive.
He told his soldiers to “stay with them for about a month, dont let them free captured weapons of any BokoHaram.”
He said Boko Haram “will not just return to Chad” saying  if they return, they would  “hurt us, so let them understand we are not leaving the situation like this.”
Deby said further “In the next few days I will be speaking with Niger President” telling the Chadian soldiers who surrunded them “You guys destroyed at least 90percent  BokoHaram that I confirm and tell the world that 90 percent of Boko Haram have been destroyed.”
He said further “The remaining 10percent will run away maybe to Niger or Nigeria or elsewhere but will never come to chad again.”
In another release, the Chadian Embassy in Nigeria debunked speculations that Nigeria was absent in the Chadian battle against Boko Haram.In the release, the Embassy said the battle against Boko Haram was coordinated with the support of Nigeria and that the two countries have always worked together to tackle terrorism in the North East area


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