Yoruba hold first global world assembly


Yoruba hold first global world assembly

By Molade Adegbuyi

Yoruba people from across the world will meet in Lagos this weekend at its World first multinational assembly. The Yoruba people from across the world will hold the first General Assembly of Yoruba people from at least seventy five countries, spread across Asia, Europe, America, and the pacific.

The event being organised by Yoruba World Congress, (YWC) is led by  Leader of Yoruba, Professor Banji Akintoye, a former Senator in the second Republic and close aide of late Sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

According to YWC official Victor Taiwo, the event will explore the strength, weakness and opportunities of Yoruba people all over the world. The theme for the event is Oduduwaland Networking The Yoruba Nationa Across the World For Prosperity and Development“

Irohinoodua was told that no viewer than one thousand people have signify intention to attend the conference. ‘Our problem is how to cope with the huge crowd. Many people from across the world have indicated interest to attend the summit. People have applied to be part of this historic event’, YWC official told Irohinoodua. He said the delegates will deliberate on the economic and political situation in Yoruba land leading to a common stand to be taken by the delegates. ‘We are looking forward to a resolution that will further unite and energise the Yoruba people’, he said

According to Taiwo the venue of the event is YWC Secretariat No 1 CMD-Jubilee Road, Beside NEPA office, Magodo in Lagos by 11am. The participating countries include Venezuela, Mexico, USA, Togo, Benin republic and delegates from the Pacific.


  1. Hope the global world get togetrer will be a sussec and Yoruba People be respected and
    show the World that the Yoruba Language and Religion is known and Respectable.


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