“You’re A Madman”, MASSOB Leader Nwazurike Lambasts Wike



“You’re a madman”,
MASSOB leader Nwazurike lambasts Wike

By Samuel Ogunsona

The Rivers Stats Governor, Mr Nyeson Wike has been described as acting like a ‘madman’ after leading a squad to demolish at least one hotel and some private buildings in the oil rich region of Rivers State.

In a video addressed by the leader of the Movement for the Survival of the State of Biafra, (MASSOB), Mr Ralph Nwazurike, spoke angrily against the Rivers Governor saying his action was barbaric.

Nwazurike said “I hear about how the Executive Governor of Rivers State, Gov. Wike has been oppressing innocent citizens in Rivers due to his possition. Who do you think you are? Wike !! Is something wrong with you? You are just mad,” Nwazurike said.

He accussed Wike who is a lawyer and his wife a judge, of trampling on the liberty of innocent people.

The MASSOB leader said “I want to express my sadness about Wike. Who are you? Somebody offends the law, can’t you seal the place off? You are stupid. You are very useless. Come to Imo State and try it.If people destroy your own property, how do you feel?. Are you the only Governor in Nigeria? You seize all the vehicles, you auctioned all of them. Are your mad?”

Nwazurike said former Imo State Governor, Okorocha had wanted to try the same thing with him but that he dared him to do it adding that he would have destroyed the houses of Okorocha including the one in his village.

He said if he was the victim “I will send all my men to Rivers State to ensure state of emergency” Nwazurike said adding “Wike, you are a bastard.”


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