17-Year Igbo boy commits “HONOUR SUICIDE” after boss accused him of stealing N100k

By Adebola Akinwumi and Ologeh Joseph Chibu

A 17-year-old Igbo boy has poisoned himself after his boss wrongly accused him of stealing N100,000.

The boy, sources said, he could not stand the shame and decided to take his life.

His boss had called him on phone and accused him of stealing N100,000 from sales. The boy was said to have denied but that his boss insisted he took the money.

Little boy Ojibe Chukwueze came from a village in Igboland where honour and the dignity of man are more important than money, sources said.

There was strong suspicion that the boy poisoned himself out of frustration realising he could not live with the dishonor after failing to convince his boss that he didn’t steal the money.

A sniper poisoned was found beside him, according to witnesses.

His corpse was discovered on the road in Epe Local Government area of Lagos State.

“Suicide is never an option but the death of this little boy reminds humanity that Igbo and infact many Nigerians, have a heritage driven by honesty and the greatest values of truth which has not totally declined. The boy’s action is a clear indication that for the Igbo, honour cannot be bought with money”, Emeka Chukwuma who knows the little boy told Irohinoodua.

He said that while the Igbo suffer demonisation across Nigeria, the action of this boy again confirms that the Igbo in their nature are conscious of their history of dignity and honour.

“It’s a tragedy that leaves us in agony but also shows the nature of the typical Igbo living in a country that criminalises the citizenry,” he said.

Residents of Abijo area of the Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State on Monday expressed shock at the action of the 17 year old boy. Many who knew him said he was a cultured boy who had self pride and that he was devastated when his boss wrongfully accused him of stealing N100,000.

Witnesses said that on Wednesday, Chukwueze’s sister discovered his corpse by the roadside.

The boy was said to have visited home, prepared himself and left to a journey from which he never returned.

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, confirmed the incident, stating that an investigation has been initiated to determine the circumstances surrounding Chukwueze’s death. Detectives visited the scene, where they observed foam coming out of his mouth and nostrils. The sniper container was recovered as evidence, and the corpse was deposited at Epe General Hospital Mortuary for autopsy and preservation.

Hundeyin emphasized, “On the receipt of the report, detectives of the division visited the scene and foam was gushing out of his mouth and nostrils. The can of the sniper has been recovered as an exhibit.”

Furthermore, he asserted, “The corpse has been removed and deposited at Epe General Hospital Mortuary for autopsy and preservation. Investigation is ongoing”.

In a separate incident, Elemamba’s body was discovered hanging in his room on Monday evening in his village in Umuohii, Oboama community, Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area of Imo State. This occurred after he had participated in the day’s village manual labor activities alongside his peers.

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