2023 Presidency: Middle Belt not part of Northern Governors move against rotation

2023 Presidency: Middle Belt not part of Northern Governors move against rotation

By Omolade Adegbuyi

Resolution by Northern Governors opposing power shift to Southern Nigeria in 2023 does not enjoy the blessing of the people of Middle Belt, a group based in the region said on Tuesday.

In a statement made available to Irohinoodua, the Middle Belt Journalists Forum, MBJF said the decision of the Northern Governors is against the wishes and aspirations of the people in the Middle Belt region.

In a press statement signed in Abuja by its President, Jonathan Ipaa and National Secretary, Mrs Oikeke Igado-Kure, the forum says the Middle Belt will not support self serving antics of the core North.

“We condemned in strong terms the position of the Northern Governors Forum NGF on the nagging postulations on the 2023 presidential election and the Value Added Tax debate in which some Governors from the southern part are clamouring for,” the Forum said.

The media group said further “We view the Monday’s pronouncements by the Northern Governors Forum as unnecessary utterances made to further divide the country and hit up the polity.

Describing the resolution as evil, the Forum said the fact that the resolution was read in Kaduna by a supposed Governor from our zone, Governor Simon Bako Lalong of Plateau state is not enough to delude the people of the Middle Belt.

“As a matter of priority, we admonish Gov Lalong and his colleagues to concentrate more on the return of peace to Plateau and other states up Rivers Niger and Benue than allow himself to be used by those he is working for.

“We warn that the Middle Belt will not be part of any attempt to further divide Nigeria by selfish politicians.We have made enough sacrifice without any commiserating national reward.

“We believe strongly in the unity of Nigeria so, we will not support evil resolution that only seeks to deny other equally congruent segments of the federation their rightful benefits.

The Forum said “We applaud the conspicuous absence of some of the Middle Belt Governors from the Kaduna meeting.
Don’t Support Evil”

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